Monday 9 July 2018

A South East Delight by Jane Devonshire

Last week, I spent an evening with a group of fabulous bloggers, Marks & Spencer and 2016 Masterchef winner, Jane Devonshire. Over a delicious spread of speciality cheeses, sweet chutney, summer delights and of course Percy Pigs we talked food, food and more food. Hampshire based chef, Jane Devonshire has come up with the M&S Best Ever South East Burger using ingredients from Marks & Spencer so I headed into store to pick up everything I'd need to recreate the burger at home in time for the football last weekend. 

Everything you need is from good ol' M&S to make Jane's delicious 'Best Ever Surf & Turf Rosti Burger' so I decided to try and re-create it at home. I headed into my local store to pick up all the ingredients swapping and changing some where needed. The burger is a yummy mix of the best local Hampshire ingredients and with a fried egg on top, it's something real special. 

(Just a note, I didn't use the crayfish tail and shrimp as Arran is allergic to seafood so what I made doesn't contain them, also had to put cheese on his which is also not in the ingredients/method)

4 x M&S Best Ever Burgers
375g Charlotte potatoes
100g crayfish tail *
100g shrimp*
25g butter
80g watercress
125g mayonnaise
freshly ground black pepper
splash rapeseed or other flavorless oil
squeeze lemon juice
4 x free range eggs
4 x ultimate burger buns
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

*If crayfish or shrimp not available, use good quality prawns like M&S Madagascan prawns

 Grate the potatoes and squeeze as much water as you can out using a tea towel until the potato is quite dry - place in a bowl 

Chop the crayfish tails to the size of the shrimp and combine with potato and shrimp. Season well with sea salt and black pepper – set rosti mix aside

Place the burgers onto the grill and cook according to the packet instructions

Heat a frying pan with the butter and oil until the butter is frothy but not spitting 

Split the rosti mixture into 4 equal portions and drop them into the frying pan. Using your spatula, shape until they are roughly the size of the burger buns and similar thickness. 

Gently fry the rosti until a deep golden brown then using a spatula, carefully turn over and repeat the process until you have 4 crispy potatoes cakes. 

Make the watercress mayonnaise by blitzing in a blender 40gm of the watercress with 125gm mayonnaise and a splash lemon juice. (Finely chop and mix if no blender)

Fry the eggs to your preference, lightly toast the burger buns, spread the watercress mayo over the bottom half of the burger bun and add a sprig of fresh watercress. 

Place the burger on top followed by the rosti, the fried egg and the bun top. Enjoy!

The recipe was super easy to follow and the burgers were so delicious. I've since been back to buy more for the last world cup game, they really are the best ever burgers.

Our Best Ever Surf & Turf Rosti-Burger didn't quite turn out as beautiful has the press shots but I think I did a good job. The hardest job was trying to eat it all! You can follow Jane Devonshire on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes looks at food, recipes and more. 

Huge thank you to Grayling South, Marks & Spencer & of course Jane for holding a wonderful event.

Post in collaboration with meet & greet event, all ingredients complimentary- see disclaimer.
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