Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Simple Home Styling with Desenio

*This is a sponsored post* 

Making a house a home can take love, care, attention and especially some time. I'm very much the interior queen in our home, I have a soft spot for candles, lanterns and storage baskets much to Arran's annoyance but one thing we haven't quite found our way with is wall art and prints. We have a couple we love, a canvas of us on the night of our engagement party and of course snaps of Joshua but we haven't quite found our style throughout the rest of our home until now thanks to discovering Desenio.

We're currently renting so we don't have the freedom of completely redecorating throughout our home so we have to make the most of it and make our house a home using my flare for interior. The quickest and easiest way to transform a room is by prints. canvases and wall art so that is where I've been concentrating on the last few months. 

Using Pinterest, I've created my perfect home room by room from colour schemes to styles. I regularly fall down a homeware hole most evenings and so I now have a dedicated folder just for wall art and gallery walls to gain even more inspiration which means my latest love for Desenio is on fire. Using my favourite colour schemes and styles I picked out some gorgeous pieces at such an incredible price. I never realised Desenio was so affordable! 

I searched via the colour I wanted, which was blue and fell for the three prints shown above. I want our bedroom to be awash with dark blues, rich golds and greenery so both The Blue Tide poster (£15.95) and Blue Gold poster (£15.95) in 30x40cm were perfect. I also paired the prints with Abstract Oil 4 poster (£22.95) which I think looks perfect with the smaller prints layered over the top.

The reason I love the idea of dark blue in the bedroom is because the colour symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and truth and blue also has a calming effect on the soul, for me, it is the perfect colour for your place of sleep, rest and unity. 

I adore the way a few beautiful prints has already started to transform our home, there's just something about dressed walls that make each room much more homely. As well as our dark blue prints, I picked out some smaller prints for Joshua's room for when we move. The children's selection of prints is really great and I had a real struggle choosing what I wanted for our excitable little monkey. 

To be honest, I had a struggle choosing the prints for the rest of our home because there was so much choice. You would be really hard pressed to NOT find something you love; And with prints starting from as little as £2.95 and in sizes 13x18cm right up to 70x100cm, you are going to want to make that order especially as you can get 25% off posters on Desenio with my code! 

The code “alicespake” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between July 17th and 19th. 
*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters

What will you choose?

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  1. The prints you've chosen are absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours against the white walls!
    Amy xx

  2. Desenio do the best prints and I love the colour scheme you're going for x

  3. Wow those prints are gorgeous! I love having prints around the house.

  4. I really love the style of prints that you went for Alice x

  5. I love the blue and gold prints! That's the exact colour scheme I have in my lounge!

  6. I’ll definitry be placing an order after my holidays. Brighten up the house a bit.
    Love your picks.


  7. Ahh I wish I saw this post sooner.. I just ordered some more prints at full price haha x

  8. These are so gorgeous!! I have loads of prints to put up but J says we have to paint the walls first :( xx

    Holly | www.gollymissholly.uk

  9. These prints are amazing - so different to anything else I've seen on their website!
    Em x

  10. I love Desenio! I can't wait to get my own home so that I can buy all the ones I've saved in my screenshots! x

  11. these are absolutely beautiful. I cant wait until i move out and can design all my interiors myself!

  12. OMG I'm looking for new prints for my home and these look amazing! xxx

  13. Oh wow they are beautiful, so so pretty! I would love to get one, might just have to treat myself!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. These prints are absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours. I'm renting too so i'm reluctant to change things about but adding some art is such a simple great way to decorate. x

  15. It definitely takes a while to get your home perfect and when you do you want to change it up again! (well I do anyway!) These are some gorgeous pieces pictures/art definitely make the house so much more cosy and homely! - Alicia XO

  16. Omg wow they are amazing. I need these in my life x


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