Friday, 27 July 2018

The new Astonishing illusion show on P&O Cruises

In June, Southampton Bloggers headed down to Ocean Terminal in Southampton for an astonishing day with P&O Cruises at the official premiere of their brand new magic and illusion show produced by Stephen Mulhern and Jonny Wilkes. The brand new show combines the talents of both to create an incredible and interactive show to get guests exclaiming wow from their seats on P&O Cruises. 

The day was full of glitz and glam with a red carpet leading into the terminal along with lots of sparkles and of course some much-loved celebrities including Declan Donnelly. As we all made our way on to the ship we were lead into one of the lounge bars for drinks and canapes which gave us all the chance to catch up before the show which was being shown in Headliners Theatre. 

Exclusive to Azura, Britannia and Ventura, Astonishing is not to be missed. With the production talents of Stephen and Jonny, the incredible choreography is created by Paul Domaine while the unbelievable illusion is by Guy Barrett. It's jaw-dropping. 

I'm not usually one for magic and illusion because I'm quite sceptical but to say I was wowed is an understatement. I kept looking for the hole in the floor but I couldn't find an answer to what they were doing in front of me. It really was astonishing! 

Following the show, we headed to one of the main dining areas for afternoon tea while we were treated to even more magic at our tables by a group of magicians. I had my engagement ring disappear in front of me but thankfully I got it back, just like magic. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head off as Britannia was due back out on a cruise the same day unfortunately without us on it. Maybe next time. 

If you're heading off on P&O Cruises this summer on either Azura, Britannia or Ventura make sure you head to Headliners and see Astonishing, it's a show you won't want to miss.

I was invited on with P&O Cruises, all opinions are my own - see disclaimer.


  1. Wow this looks like fun, great post x

  2. You have me wanting to go on a cruise all the time now lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. This looks amazing I've never been on a cruise before and never even thought about booking one but they look so cool! deffo will have to look into this - Alicia XO

  4. You are going on some bloody amazing trips recently!! I’m really not into magic shows either but saw a wicked one at a wedding fair recently which was so cool!

  5. I’ve been watching so much Penn and Teller ‘Fool Is’ recently so I know tha feeling when you’re looking for how they did it and there’s just no explainatopn haha!

  6. Is looks amazing, you’re definitely selling cruises to me

  7. Girl you're making me constantly want to go on a cruise haha! x

  8. I would love to watch a show on a cruise!

  9. I love illusion shows and this sounds amazing. I had absolutely no idea they had cruises like this, I really want to go on one. x

  10. I love watching shows - this sounds amazing!
    Em x


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