Wednesday 22 November 2017

Follow Moz the Monster's Story with Google Home

We've spent the last few weeks, waiting in anticipation for this years John Lewis Christmas advert and on 10th November, Moz the Monster entered our lives. Some loved it, some thought it was a bit naff but I thought Moz was pretty cute and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book for Joshua. 

Google had my back though because last week, I had our very own Moz the Monster plush arrive alongside the story book because Google have teamed up with John Lewis this year to bring the story book to life. The story of Moz the Monster is Google Home's first interactive story experience and it enables you to add sounds and hear a different version of the story every time you listen. 

If you already have a Google Home device at home, you just say "Ok Google, talk to Moz the Monster" and the Google Assistant will start the John Lewis story book experience which is narrated by Sally Phillips. You can choose different sounds and there's a quiz at the end too! I love the way the story has been brought to life this year and we've already spent one evening with the storybook being read aloud to us all. 

Head to John Lewis for all your Moz the Monster products as well as discounts on the Google Home hubs. We genuinely wouldn't be without ours now but I'll save that for another post!

What do you think of Moz the Monster? 

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