Wednesday 17 May 2017

Southampton Bloggers turns three!

It's been three years since the very first Southampton Bloggers event and they've been some pretty incredible years. What was thought up one evening during a blogger chat on Twitter has fast become one of the go to blogging communities in Southampton, something I am very proud of. 

The very first event saw us at the Tiki Bar in Orange Rooms in May 2014. The first Soton Meetup welcomed twenty five bloggers to mingle, chat and eat while discussing blogging tips and more. Fast forward three years and we've now hosted six large scale events for hundreds of different bloggers and worked with numerous companies in Southampton and brands across the UK on blogging events. 

The support we've had ourselves has been overwhelming. Orange Rooms, Revolutions and Mettricks have always been reliable hosts to our own events. We also get to regularly work with Lush Cosmetics, Turtle Bay, Grand Harbour Hotel, West Quay, Festival Place, Showcase Cinema and The Mayflower Theatre. Not only have these started as brand collaborations but they've turned into friendships for us too. We also have blogging buddies in SE Blog Circle & Bournemouth Bloggers so if you're local to either of them, I've linked their Twitter accounts. 

The main focus for Southampton Bloggers, has and always will be community and support. Over the last three years we've watched strangers become the best of friends and it's so warming to know that we've had a part in that. Support in blogging is so important and something that so many value as this is still a very misunderstood industry. We love seeing you all support one another, nobody gets anywhere in life while stepping on everyone else to get there. 

We've also been re-tweeting your incredible blog posts for some time now and it has been fab watching each and everyone of you grow with confidence alongside your personal words you put out there for us all to read. 

After all this time, what I really want to say is thank you, thank you for believing in Southampton Bloggers and the community. Thank you for supporting everything we do, thank you for sharing snippets of your lives and attending our events. Thank you for just being you because your support means the world. 

If you want to stay connected with Southampton Bloggers, the only blogging events and outreach community by bloggers in Southampton just search Sotonbloggers on Twitter & Instagram. Don't forget to sign up to our database linked in our Twitter bio to be the first to hear about events, news and activities in Southampton.

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