Sunday 21 May 2017

My Perfect Chanel Red

Owning a classic red lipstick is something I think is very important, there is no greater feeling than a slick of red to make you feel like you really have your shit together. I've searched high and low for my perfect red over the years and I discovered mine in a way I never would've expected.

I'd always I wanted a classic red from Chanel, it was something that was on my makeup bucket list and La Fascinante is my perfect shade but it's one I didn't choose myself. Arran actually chose this shade for me and gifted it to me for our first Valentine's Day together and it is one I've since repurchased myself. 

There is something so luxurious about Chanel that I've always loved and it shows in the whole design of the lipstick, from the black lacquered case to the gold bullet you just click once to reveal the stunning lip shade housed inside. It is worth every penny of the £26.00 it retails at. 

La Fascinante is a deep neutral toned red and is available from the Rouge Allure Velvet range. The formula is as velvety soft as you'd expect and the colour clings to lips making it really comfortable to wear while still being long lasting. It is also enriched with ultra thin mother of pearl particles, really setting off the shade. 

If you're still looking for your perfect red, then look no further! La Fascinante suits and array of skin tones so it may just be your perfect red too. 

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