Saturday 20 May 2017

An Evening at Rogues Cafe

If you take a handful of lovely bloggers and pair them with the newest food joint around, what do you get? A group of very happy bloggers rocking food babies! Rogues Café has taken pride of place in Southampton, an unconventional café, offering high quality ethically sourced products to make your breakfast, brunch or dinner pretty spectacular plus there's a cafe dog by the name of Percy. Need I go on?

A few lovelies from Southampton Bloggers headed in to escape the rain and enjoy an evening of food, drink and laughs. We were greeted with huge smiles and a big doggy grin from Percy the dog. After ordering drinks, we sat to hear all there was about Rogues Café while chomping down on popcorn before browsing over the very cool menu. 

With soft electronica playing in the background and so much to look at, the conversation didn't stop all night. We had a range of dishes from the menu brought out to us while we were chatting, such as delicious chicken wings and Dirty Bastard Fries which were a big hit with everyone. After the first round, we tried an absolutely delicious burger and sweet potato fries combo as well as Rogues take on a sausage and egg burger with normal fries. After burgers came pies then avocado, hummus and chilli flakes plus spears and eggs on sour dough.

As it was an intimate dinner for ten of us, we were able to try all the dishes as a group, we didn't all have a plate of everything each or we would've been rolling out! After we tried all the savoury bits we could muster, it was time for pancakes and french toast before ordering the best coffee I've had in some time. Rogues Café blew me away, the friendly faces, the atmosphere and the food was such high quality so I'm heading back tomorrow morning for brunch with friends and I cannot wait. 

You can find Rogues Café just off of Guildhall Square in W.Marlands Road. Head in, grab a coffee and try some delicious food. You won't regret it!

Food & drink provided by Rogues Cafe - see disclaimer.
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