Wednesday 24 May 2017

New In from Got2B Fresh It Up

I genuinely do not know what I'd do with my hair if dry shampoo didn't exist. I use it daily whether it's for a quick hair refresh, some volume or to just allow me to go an extra day without washing it. I do have my favourites I rely on but if there is ever anything new released, the dry shampoo fan in me needs to try it. Schwarzkopf Got2B have just released five brand new cans, exclusively to Primark and I've got the low down on them.

The new Schwarzkopf Got2B Fresh It Up range retails for just £2.00 and is available now. The collection features five innovative products to help you get maximum style with minimal effort. Your hair is instantly refreshed without leaving any white marks or residue so there's no fear of dreaded talc hair. Each dry shampoo has an all day fragrance so if you are pushing it with that hair wash day then no one will know. 

There is bound to be something for everyone thanks to the five cans in the range. I've been trying out two dry shampoos from the range, Extra Fresh and Volume which both smell as fab as each other. I've been quite surprised at the range because they do actually work and it takes a lot for me to steer away from my old faithful which has been pushed firmly to the back. Discover your ideal can below:

Fresh It Up Texture
Helps deliver a naturally tousled and textured look, just spray onto roots and massage in to give a broken up textured hair style.

Fresh It Up Blonde
Sweet smelling like vanilla, blonde helps freshen up your look with a slight tint with helps disguise roots or regrowth.

Fresh It Up Dark Brown
Not forgetting those dark haired beauties, dark brown also contains a tint to help provide root touch up with a sweet chocolate scent.

Fresh It Up Volume
The one at the top of my list is volume. It gives an instant back combing effect on even the finest hair. I use it after I've washed and blow dried my hair for a look zazaza.

Fresh It Up Extra Fresh
If you're looking to prolong your hair life and so so with a super clean fresh scent then pop this in your basket. It absorbs excess oil, leaving hair revived and smelling fabulous.

Reckon you could be convinced to try something new?
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