Tuesday 16 February 2016

UD X Gwen Lip Liners

I've started to appreciate lip liners a lot more over the last year. They are the ultimate make up tool for the perfect red pout and are really worth having as part of your make up collection. I've only ever owned lip liners from MAC Cosmetics so using Urban Decay's was an absolute first for me but I may of found a new favourite. 

I have the five lip liners from the UD X Gwen collection each in beautifully gold and black wrapped packaging. Each of the shade names are printed on the end of the pencils alongside the coloured tips. I store my pencils upside down so I can just grab the colour I need without having to lift up each one, super handy! 

There is a lip liner for almost each lipstick with six available in total. The only one I don't have is Phonecall, the online exclusive but I've found that Firebird works really well with the Phonecall lipstick. Rocksteady also works well with online exclusive lipstick Plaid. Each pencil is slim and light to hold which makes applying the perfect line really easy. 

They all come in Urban Decay's renowned 24/7 waterproof formula meaning you get a creamy long lasting, super pigmented line of colour. UD are actual geniuses for creating this formula as it's as incredible as it sounds. The liners are the perfect companion to the oh so beautiful UD X Gwen lipstick range and keep my lips looking fabulous for hours!

Have you bought any of the lip liners from the collection yet?

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