Thursday 11 February 2016

Sleek Lip VIP Lipsticks

If there is one product I love, it's lipsticks and when Sleek Makeup announced the release of these I was ready waiting in the wings to get my hands on them. Six lipsticks in six must have shades in my favourite finish, what more could I ask for? They 100% have my heart. Each lipstick delivers an intensely pigmented colour with a velvet soft finish. I'm a huge lover of matte lipsticks, they're my failsafe and for these to go on so smooth, have incredible staying power and pretty much do exactly as promised for £5.50?! Well... I'm very impressed.

Each lipstick contains vitamin e, shea butter and coconut oil so your lips stay nourished throughout wear. I usually find this is where cheaper matte lipsticks go wrong but Sleek have nailed this. I'm able to wear these for the majority of the day, with little to no re-application and still have soft and hydrated lips. My favourite shades to wear have been Flaunt It, which is a reddish orange and Private Booth, a soft nude. 

They're fab lipsticks and they do exactly what they're meant to and more. As I've swatched them I've noticed each shade is pretty similar to some of my MAC Cosmetics collection and you can't beat a MAC dupe for just £5.50?!

Flaunt It - So Chaud
Private Booth - Brave
Reserved - Snob
Backstage - Crosswires
Guestlist - Saigon Summer 
Night Spot - Viva Glam Rihanna

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