Sunday 7 February 2016

My Top Five MAC Lipsticks

I'm a lipstick hoarder, I hold my hands up completely so I thought I'd delve into my collection of MAC Cosmetic lipsticks to show you my five favourite shades, the five I'd rush out and buy again if I ever broke, lost or finished one. I've got a nude, a pink, two different reds and my fail safe dark lippy and I'd say these were a pretty good starting point if you're looking into MAC for the first time.

I only purchased Brave last year after borrowing a friend's before an event and it was pretty much love at first application. I bought it two days later. Brave is my go to Nude from MAC. It's quite warm and described as a pink beige with white pearl. I find this a little brown on me, it's essentially my Velvet Teddy and it's such an easy to wear shade. This is usually hanging around in my bag somewhere too as I can't be without it. 

Pink Nouveau
This was the second MAC lipstick I ever bought and it's still a firm favourite. Pink Nouveau is my spring/summer shade, it's my perfect candy pink and it lasts for hours. Again in a satin finish, it doesn't transfer too much so you barely have to reapply and it looks fab with a tan. It's the one lippy I always pack when I go on holiday as it's great for day or night.

So Chaud
This beautifully matte, orange red is my favourite lip shade, EVER. I will recommend this left, right and centre and it will never leave my collection. It gives such an intense colour on the lip and lasts for hours! Their matte lipsticks can be quite drying but this is slightly creamier than most. You do still need a little bit of prep work but the end result is 100% worth. It's my most used shade and one I would buy again and again.

Ruby Woo
Ahh Ruby Woo, the one red I think every woman should try at least once. It's very matte and needs some serious lip prep to wear this but the end result is 100% worth it as it's such a stunning shade. A vivid blue based red that instantly makes any outfit that little bit special whether you're dressed casual or you're ready to hit the town.

Sin is my newest addition, bought via Back2Mac in the early Autumn. I wanted a new dark lip for autumn/winter and after looking up swatches I was already decided on Sin before I walked in. I own Diva and the two are very similar but there is a definite difference between them. Sin is described as a deep, dark blue red and Diva is more burgundy based, both beautiful, both matte and both last for ages. If you're looking for a dark lip to add to the collection then Sin is the one. 

So those are my faves, what are yours?

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