Wednesday 10 February 2016

Golden Handshake Lush Cosmetics

Golden Handshake is everything I hate in a product, it's messy and covered in glitter but I love it and this is my third stick of goodness. Released in Summer 2015, the hot hand mask is something everyone should try at least once. I work with medication, I have to use antibacterial gel all day and my hands get incredibly dry so something like a hot hand mask is a miracle product. 

It is full on pamper on a stick with avocado, argan and castor oil to help bring your hands back to life again. The cupuacu and murumuru butters also help hydrate dry and worn hands. As I said, it is a bit of a messy process. You need hot water, a bowl big enough for both hands, a towel and a good amount of time to actually sit there and do nothing for twenty minutes. I loaded a YouTube video before I placed my hands into the melted mush, (Brogan Tate, if you wanna know) so I had zero reason to move. 

The treatment smells pretty special and it's quite satisfying moving your hands and coating them in buttery mush. The end result... WELL... that is totally worth the mess and effort. My hands felt incredible! Soft, subtle and full of life. For £2.95 a stick it's cheap enough to make this a twice monthly treat or even weekly treat if you really need a pamper. I'm a hot hand mask convert and I'm starting to not mind the glitter too much either.

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