Thursday 24 December 2015

Top 5 Christmas Films for Christmas Eve

Oh what a wonderful time of year, it's Christmas Eve! I feel like this year has completely flown by but I cannot wait to finish work today, get into my Christmas pyjamas, tuck into a takeaway and spend the evening watching some of my favourite Christmas films. I LOVE Christmas films and as soon as December hits I try and watch as many as I can. I thought I'd share some of my Christmas favourites which I'll be watching this evening.

Love Actually
The ultimate feel good Christmas film we all love. I have watched this so many times, some of my favourite actors are in it and I absolutely love the scene where Hugh Grant dances to Jump. It has very much become the must watch film of December.

The Polar Express
I wasn't too keen on this at first but it finally stole my heart a few years ago and I do love a film with Tom Hanks. The Polar Express is heart warming and encourages the idea of just believing in Christmas. The computer animations are pretty incredible in this too.

The Holiday
The Holiday tells the story of four unlucky in love hopefuls who accidently fall in love over Christmas and New Year. I don't always class this as a Christmas film but always tend to watch it this time of year nonetheless. Plus an hour or so of Jude Law makes for good viewing.

Miracle on 34th Street
This has to be my favourite Christmas film ever. I've watched it countless times and still after all these years have a bit of a crush on Bryan Bedford. Telling the story of Father Christmas and how a little girl starts believing. So heart warming. 

The Santa Claus
I watch The Santa Claus every Christmas eve as I always remember watching it when I was younger, I love the first film, tolerate the second but hate the third one so I only tend to watch the first one. It's funny, magical and so Christmassy. It's one of my 'classics' 

What are your favourite films to watch at Christmas?

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