Sunday 13 December 2015

Bedside Table Essentials

We all have a bedside table full of tricks right? Products we need within reaching distance when we're too cosy in bed to get out and walk across the room? Well I have a little basket full of bits and pieces I may just need after I've snuggled down for the night.

My bedside table is pretty standard, lamp, books, tablet, a dish of random trinkets and a basket to hold all the bits you can see above in. Lip balm and hand cream is something I always keep near my bed in the vain hope it will encourage me to use both products more before I drift off. Soap & Glory and Bee Good are my favourite hand creams as they both smell soothing which make them the perfect products to use before you go to sleep. 

I was given the Deep Heat muscle rescue in a goody bag in the summer and it is by far my most used product from an event. I injured my shoulder quite badly earlier on in the year and it gets really achy some nights so on this goes and all is right in the world again. I also keep some Bach Rescue Remedy by my bed to use if I've had a shit day or I'm just feeling a bit meh. It's a lifesaver at times. My personalised eye mask from Benefit Cosmetics is always by my bed just incase the light floods in too quickly and I'm not ready to pull myself from my duvet yet. It's so cute and one of my favourite things I've been sent. 

What essentials do you keep by your bed?

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