Thursday 3 December 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Agent Zero Shine

I've read a lot of mixed reviews on Agent Zero Shine, the majority being pretty bad so I'd always avoided it. I recently won a Benefit Cosmetics giveaway on Twitter to win Agent Zero Shine so as soon as it fell on my doormat I tried it out thinking I'd use it a few times then never touch it again but I was so wrong! It has stayed in my bag the last three or so weeks and when that 4 O'clock shine swings around, out it comes to do the job it's meant to. 

Agent Zero Shine is designed to instantly eliminate shine and minimise the look of pores so within seconds you can be looking shine free and fresh faced. It is super handy on the go, you can just unscrew the lid, tap in some powder and dust onto your face or wherever is needed. I don't think I'd be without it now, I've found it much easier carrying this around more so than a compact and powder brush. It takes up barely any space and it really does work. 

Since I've praised this on Twitter and Instagram more and more people have said how much they love it too which makes me think that sometimes you shouldn't believe everything you read. I didn't buy this because of the bad reviews and now I wouldn't be without it. The Porefessional trio is definitely a lifesaver in my daily routine. 

Have you tried Agent Zero Shine before? Do you love it or hate it?

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