Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul

I've recently started shopping in The Body Shop again and by shopping I mean sitting in my Pyjamas on a Sunday morning make online orders. They've recently had some fabulous offers on meaning you can get quite a bit for a hell of a lot cheaper!

Last weekend they were having a 50% off sale plus you could get a further 40% off with a voucher code so this little bundle came to a mere £12. Which is a pretty awesome saving seeing as just one of these buttery beauties cost £13. 
I chose Almond, Blueberry, Papaya and Passion fruit, which I've since been told is being discontinued! Each one smells amazing, Papaya and Passion fruit being my favourites out of these. The body butters are aimed towards people with dry to very dry skin which I don't really suffer with but I love using these. 

They do take a while to soak in but it means I can flap around on Twitter or Instagram while I'm waiting. The next body butter on my list to get is Olive as I've been using the shower gel and it smells so fresh. 
Have you got any Body Shop bargains recently?

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