Sunday 18 May 2014

Southampton Bloggers Event // The Bloggers

As you may already know it was the #sotonmeetup yesterday, twenty five bloggers from the south coast descended on Orange Rooms to meet, eat, drink and talk blog. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with clear blue skies and the perfect weather to sample some of the cocktails that Orange Rooms are best known for.

The day started off with Amy and Laura coming to mine so we could load up all the goodie bags and extra bits and pieces to take over to the venue in my lovely Mum's car. Setting up took no time at all and before we knew it we were outside enjoying Long Island Ice Teas in the sun. 

 Cocktails in hand, we all enjoyed the sunshine for a bit longer before making our way upstairs to the Tiki Bar which was our 'blog meet up' area. Food was served pretty soon after and everyone tucked in clearing our quirky food boxes pretty quickly! The food was so good! If you're ever in Southampton, get yourself to Orange Rooms as the menu is just amazing. 

After food, more cocktails were drunk and we had a raffle. As everyone sat down for food we gave each blogger a raffle ticket for the chance to win six different prizes. The prizes were sponsored by Pillbox Chemists, Manuka Doctor, Metique, Decleor and Lush. We then handed out a goodie bag to each lovely blogger containing lots of fabulous products.

Amy has been so amazing helping me with organising this and I am so glad that everyone came and enjoyed themselves. I had such a good day and thank you so much to all of you for mine and Amy's lovely flowers and chocolates. You can find everyone's blog links and Twitter handles below. I hope you enjoy the photos from the day too.

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