Thursday 8 May 2014

Monu Brightening Boost

Monu is a professional skincare brand I've become more familiar with this year, I've used their Calming Cream in the past and really liked it so when I received an email about trying another one of their products I said yes straight away. 

I love finding new skincare and as I didn't know what was actually being sent, the Brightening Boost was a nice surprise. It contains Vitamin C, aims to reduce sun damage & hyper-pigmentation, improve skin tone, boosts collagen, smooths and reduces wrinkle depth.. now that's a lot of statements for one serum. 

It dispenses from the top through a small pump as a white serum. I've been using a couple of pumps as part of my morning skin care routine and it leaves my skin feeling quite fresh. It soaks in really well and leaves a non greasy, matte finish. Perfect for me as I get an oily t-zone in the afternoon and I haven't noticed that as much while I've been using this. I've also experienced no irritation while using the Brightening Boost so sensitive skinned ladies should be fine with this too. 

Brightening Skin boost is aimed for mature and sun damaged skin which I like to think I have neither. I still have around a third left so you get a good 8 - 10 weeks use out of this 15ml tube. I'm intrigued to see the final results after using it all up. My skin does feel smoother but I don't think I look more radiant. I'll stick to my highlighter for that. Have you tried Monu Professional Skincare before? 

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