Thursday 6 March 2014

YSL Rouge Volupte No.1

Look how beautiful it is! When I first picked this up, I spent a good few minutes just looking at it. It's iconic, gold casing is just so luxurious and I love that it's coloured band represents the shade of lipstick inside so accurately.

I had been saving my Boots Advantage Points for this because I always like to get something high end with all those built up points and I finally had enough at the beginning of February for No.1 Beige Charnel. 

I chose this shade because I wanted something neutral I could get a lot of wear out of and I had to hunt this down because it's one of their bestsellers. After getting a sales assistant to go through every draw on the YSL counter, she finally found one tucked away. Can you tell I was not leaving Boots without this?

I have been wearing this almost every day for work, it's a soft, pink colour that is basically my lips but that bit better and glossier. The formula is ahh-mazing, it just glides on my lips, doesn't tug and is so creamy. The pigmentation is also fab and lasts a good five hours on me before having to re apply. This also has a subtle smell of, what I think is Watermelon. There are 18 gorgeous shades to chose from and if I had the funds I would happily go and buy the whole collection, especially Extreme Coral and Caress Pink. 

Have you tried Rouge Volupte lipsticks? What shade did you chose?

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