Tuesday 25 March 2014

My MUA Lipstick Collection

MUA is a brand that I am sure many of you have heard of, and one that I'm also sure that you all have lurking away in make up bags and drawers. I came across MUA a few years ago when I needed some emergency make up on my way to work. I've tried quite a few of their products and have been impressed with each one. And who could moan at their price tags? You could fit out your entire make up bag for £20!

(From the top - Shades 15, 4, 3,13 & Wild Berry)

Today, I am focusing on some of the lipsticks I own, which retail at just £1! There is a whole range of shades, but they do seem to be quite difficult to get hold. The stands are almost, always empty in my local Superdrug and a few other bloggers have mentioned the same. 

If I'm unsure of how a colour will look on me I always pick up a cheaper version to try first and that is why I think these are so fab. Not only their price but also the shade range, wearability and creamy formula. Plus you get a little pot of lippy at the bottom to use.

Shade 15
This is the perfect shade for Summer, leaving a light orange, nude colour on the lips. I personally think I'm slightly too pale to pull this off and have only worn this the once. I do look back on the photos from that night and wonder why no one told me how awful it looked. I wish it looked better because I'd love to wear this more, it's a lovely shade.

Shade 4
Shade 4 looks like a Barbie pink colour in the tube but when applied to the lips, it transfers as a clear gloss. I have no colour pay off with this but I love how it looks, my lips but that bit glossier which to me, it means that it's a perfect colour for work. 

Shade 3
Shade 3 is a bright, fuchsia pink with a semi-matte finish. This is my favourite out of the five. It applies effortlessly and leaves a smooth finish. I've used this a few times and I've just picked up my MAC alternative, Girl About Town.

Shade 13
This one is a deep, red shade which leaves a glossy, cherry red on the lips. I've worn this on countless occasions and love how it looks. And let's face it, you can never have enough red lipsticks in your collection. 

Wild Berry
Wild Berry is from the MUA Matte range. I had wanted to try a dark berry shade for a while and had my eye on a MAC one (shock) but I wanted to try it for cheaper first. I love the colour of this in the tube but you just don't get that when applied and I was a bit disappointed. Thank god they're only £1 eh?

What is your opinion on MUA? Do you have any of these lipsticks?

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