Monday 31 March 2014

March Favourites

So it's that time again where I do a little run down of my favourites from the past month. I can't quite believe we're going into April already and the 31st is also a little special for me as I've been writing my blog for three months today! Crazy how fast that has gone. Anyway back to the post, some of my favourites are things I've done reviews on this month so instead of me blabbing on about them again I'll link them back so you can have a read. 

First up is my beloved Naked 3 palette, I was given this for my birthday back in December and have used this almost every day since. It has taken a little back seat recently to make way for my Bobbi Brown Nudes Palette but I've still been using Strange as a base and Trick in the corners for a neutral day time look for work. I have so much praise for this palette and it's gorgeous shades. 

Secondly we have a newer purchase for me, one I picked up back in February and that is No.7 Beautifully Matte. I feel like I've mentioned this a lot recently and that's because it's that good. I wear this daily for work as it gets me through the day. It's not as long lasting as it's packaging promises but I love how it looks on my skin and have one ready to go when I run out of this tube. 

Lastly from my make up picks is the beautiful, Stereo Rose. I had read so many reviews on this and then when it appeared in MAC's A Fantasy of Flowers Collection I went and had a look, finally taking it home after much indecisiveness on my part. I've used this everyday since buying it and I love the way it makes my skin glow. The day I run out of this will be a sad day for me. 

My lovely boyfriend picked me up a Tangle Teezer at the beginning of the month because I'd been not so subtly mentioning it for a while. I've never owned one before and after using a friends and couldn't believe how well it glided through my hair. After using this all month I can see such a difference in my hair. It's much easier to manage and I have a lot less hair falling out (Good old bleach and heat appliances). 

Finally are some Decleor skin treats. I've been trialing some Decleor products recently which you can read more about in my Decleor Skincare - Brand Focus post. I've been using the Hydra Floral Masque Expert and Aroma Night Night Balm in Neroli and Ylang Ylang. My skin has felt so much more hydrated since using both these products and I can't wait to trial the rest of the products I have waiting in the wings. 

Are any of my favourites, your favourites? Let me know with a comment and don't forget to leave your blog link.

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