Monday 17 March 2014

Hair Products for Bleached Hair

I've been having my hair bleached and highlighted for a good two or so years now. I'm naturally blonde but I had long, chocolate brown hair for years and in a desperate attempt to get back to blonde I put my hair through a lot of stress. I now have a fabulous hairdresser who has been maintaining my blonde locks and keeping them looking healthy but in between 8 weekly cut and colours I also need to do my bit and that is where this post comes. 

Firstly is a product that I go back to time and time again and one, many of you probably have sitting in your bathrooms. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is holy grail material. I love this stuff and go a bit mad on it when its on offer in Boots. Whenever my hair needs a pick up, a big splodge of this does the trick. Take The Heat contains Australian Jojoba-Seed Oil and smells ahhh-mazing. A 250ml tube usually lasts me a good few months as I only use it a couple of times a week. 

Next up is a new product I've been using since around last December which is VO5's Hot Oils. They come in a varity of types, I've used Nourish my Shine before and thought I would try Give me Moisture. All you do is heat it up in a hot bowl of water or bath, put it all through your hair for just ONE minute and then rinse out. I used this last night and my hair feels lovely, soft and a lot straighter than usual.

I switch between what I use after washing my hair quite a bit but one thing that I've found the best results with is Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil. This came free in a Cosmopolitan magazine and I also featured it in my February Favourites as I've been pretty impressed with it. Use a pea sized amount on the ends of your hair and then just dry your hair as normal. The first time I used this I noticed a difference straight away, my hair is smoother and my ends look so much healthier.

Next is L'oreals Heat Protect Styling Spray after towel drying my hair I spritz some of this over my hair and then out comes the hair dryer. This smells really nice, and reminds me of an old Moshino perfume. I use this as my heat protect spray, not for its straightening qualities because I don't think it makes a difference. 

Lastly is my new purchase, a Tangle Teezer. How have I only just picked one of these up?! To be honest I didn't understand why I needed to spend £11 on a brush when the one I already owned did the job fine; That was until I used my friends while my hair was wet and I loved how it glided through my normally knotty hair. Out I went to buy one and now I can't stop using it. I LOVE IT. It has made such a difference in a matter of days. I recommend you invest now if you haven't already. I'm now looking for a mini one to carry around in my bag too. Tangle Teezer convert for sure!

What are your hair care tips? I'd love to know what you're doing and using!

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