Thursday 6 February 2014

17 Instant Glow Bronzer

I've been looking for a matte bronzer to use for a while and I finally found this little gem in Boots. I already had a few shimmery bronzers and I didn't realise it would be so difficult to find a matte one that didn't cost a fortune! I also had a points voucher to use on any Seventeen product which swung this purchase for me.

This comes in a sleek, black compact and is quite slim so fits perfectly in a make up or clutch bag. I'd personally love this to have a little mirror inside but unfortunately it doesn't.

I picked this up in Light Bronze and I've been using this to contour as I am yet to get my hands on the Sleek palette. I have really pale skin and I didn't realise I'd have to build the colour up on this as much as I did. Maybe I should of gone for Medium Bronze after all!

This does blend out really well though and it's something that I've been grabbing for the last few days and for the price of it you can't really go wrong. I wasn't expecting big things but it does the job I wanted. 

You get 10g of product so I won't be running out anytime soon, my only big issue with this is that it smells awful, like a medicated shampoo. Yuck. 

Have you used this bronzer? What did you think of it?

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