Friday 21 February 2014

Vaseline Spray & Go

I discovered these after a friend worked as a promotions girl for Vaseline Spray & Go in our local Boots when it was first released and after trying some samples she gave me, I caved and picked up a full size can in Aloe Fresh and mostly recently, Cocoa Radiant.

I'm really lazy when it comes to moisturising. It's one of those things that I know I should do but sometimes I can't be bothered and I hate those few minutes where you're flapping about waiting for the moisturiser to soak in. In the last few months I've been trying to up my game and try different creams and lotions to see what I prefer. 

At first I didn't hold much faith in this stuff... Spray & Go? Can it really be that easy?

How wrong was I! I am a big fan of Vaseline as a brand.. I've used their lip balms and shower creams for years and this has joined my 'love' list for sure. 

This is so easy to use and I can finally reach my back! You have a twist lock at the top, and then you just press down to release a continuous spray of moisture goodness. This absorbs in seconds once quickly rubbed in and doesn't leave that greasy feeling so you can just get dressed and quite literally.. go.

Spray & Go comes in three formulas and in a 190ml can so you are getting value for your money. As I said at the beginning I've already purchased Cocoa Radiant to try. The Total Moisture formula didn't appeal to me as the smell wasn't that great. 

I would love for Vaseline to bring out a Citrus formula as it would be the perfect scent to use in the morning to wake yourself up that little bit more.

Can you tell I'm a very happy customer? What did you think of Spray & Go?

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