Thursday 20 July 2023

Explore Lush Cosmetics with Me - Six Top Picks

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Lush Cosmetics has adorned my bathroom shelves for over twenty years and in that time I have tried a huge range of products. I have some firm faves (you only have to search Lush on this blog to see) but I'm always up for trying more so the box of Lush goodies that arrived a few months ago couldn't have come at a better time. 

Inside there were seven products, including the Golden Egg from the Easter range but as that is long gone I won't highlight that one today. There's a shower gel, lotions and soaps and the OG body butter with exfoliating powers so there's plenty to choose from. 

First up, soaps...

An earthy patchouli and lemongrass oil-steeped soap to clear the mind and cleanse the skin, Karma soap leaves a lingering layer of their cult fragrance, Karma on the skin. The base of the in-house, palm oil free soap is rapeseed oil and coconut oil meaning skin is beautifully softened during use. The coconut oil is sourced from a supplier working in Aceh, Indonesia, where the supplier supports farmers who are pressured by the palm industry to deforest their land and grow palm. Instead, they are supported to grow coconut in biodiversity-friendly ways. They also have a number of wildlife support programmes, including protecting the spawning area of marine turtles. So you can care for your skin and support a number of programmes. 

For a vitamin-filled exfoliation, Lotus Flower is a floral rich soap that cleanses the skin leaving a gorgeously soft lotus root lather. The rice bran base helps to gently exfoliate the skin without causing tears, caring for it and leaving it beautifully soft. 

My favourite of the three, Goddess has a dark, sultry Oudh scent that lathers up really well under running water giving the ultimate bathing experience. Turn off the light, light a candle and slip away into total relaxation as the fusion of jasmine and oudh fills the room. The soothing and softening power of extra virgin coconut oil gives the skin the ultimate in pampering. 

If I could only ever use one shower gel from Lush Cosmetics again, it would be Rose Jam. The Turkish rose absolute you'll find in Rose Jam such an iconic scent that has since gone on to become so many different products including bath bombs, bubble bars and perfume over the years. The Turkish rose absolute and conditioning argan oils found within the shower gel mix together wonderfully to soften skin and leave a perfectly memorable fragrance over the skin that lasts for hours. 

It's now available in four sizes, the 100g size is perfect if you just want to try it out and see what you think. 

If a solid butter is your kinda thing then you need to try Buffy - it is one of the best body scrubs (aside from Rub, Rub, Rub) available from Lush. The body butter uses natural exfoliation from ground rice, almonds and aduki beans alongside a blend of butters and oils to moisturise leaving you with the softest skin. Just leave to dry between washes or pop in one of their tins to keep fresh. 

I am never without their ICONIC Sleept Body Lotion, Mums went wild for it a few years ago and praised it as a super lotion to help little ones sleep and since then the range has expanded to included bath bombs, shower gels and so much more. 

Featuring gentle oat milk and a lavender flower infusion and made with comfortingly-sweet tonka absolute, Sleepy body lotion features gentle lavender flower to hush your thoughts ready for a peaceful night's sleep. The malty, floral scent lingers on the skin to wrap the body in a comforting embrace.

The certified organic lavender oil in Sleepy is sourced from an organic farm in Bulgaria. Growing organically means that pollinators are able to thrive amongst the fields of flowers, supporting bees and other bugs that are essential for our planet's biodiversity. If there's one lotion you must try from Lush Cosmetics, it's this one. 

You can see more from Lush Cosmetics on their website, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics | Vegetarian & Cruelty Free | LUSH.

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