Sunday 12 February 2023

Three Fragrances from Floral Street you must try

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I find fragrance can be quite an obvious gift for someone however it can be quite personal and it's something I always love receiving. Fragrances have a way of holding memories and even years later some scents can be quite emotive so it's something I personally invest in.

Floral Street are quite a new fragrance brand to me, created by Michelle Feeney their mission is to bring fine fragrance to the modern woman - so that she might build an entire fragrance wardrobe that can express the many facets of who she is. I spent a virtual evening with the brand last year and found the background, their stance on eco-responsibility and the way they want to change fragrance inspiring.

Since that very first introduction, I've tried each of the fragrances within their discovery set and added three full-size bottles to my perfume collection which is what I'll talk about in this post. Each one is a little different but stunningly beautiful and like nothing else within my collection. 

My favourite of the three, Arizona Bloom is a fragrance like no other, completely unique I'm not sure there is anything I could liken it to. The vegan perfume is described as freedom and happiness in a bottle... think endless skies and eternal sunshine. Comprising of dry floral amber, Balinese coconut, salted musks and a 'shot' of Madagascan black pepper.

It's beautifully packaged in a square, flat-ish bottle in striking shades of blue and yellow - this is one I always receive compliments on when I wear it. It is such a beautiful fragrance. 

Fun Fact: Their Balinese coconut is the purest form of coconut. It's taken from the fruit using a clean CO2 extraction method; the result is minimal waste, which is good for us and even better for our planet.

My first fragrance from the brand, Neon Rose is an electric floral yet super clean perfume. This is what a rose would smell like if it were neon, I'm sure you can imagine what I mean. Freshly-chopped jasmine and roses paired with crisp, green angelica leave to bring a botanical dimension, while fresh bergamot floats overhead. 

You've never smelt flowers like this before. I adore the way Floral Street can make something typically floral with an ingredient so simple as roses and completely transform it into something no one would expect. The bottle again is beautiful with a burst of pink in the background. 
Fun fact: There are no roses in Neon Rose. Instead - the powerful Sichuan pepper from the Himalayas works with spicy, fresh juniper berry, woody, balsamic notes, bergamot, angelica to roll into sweet punches of a totally reimagined rose.

My latest fragrance is Sunflower Pop, created as part of the brand's partnership with the Van Gogh Museum - each purchase helps to support work at the museum in Amsterdam, a one-of-a-kind collaboration. The citrus, fruity fragrance helps to bring joy and sunshine to those that wear it and is created using sustainably sourced Calabrian bergamot, vegan honey accord, and a pop of bellini accord, it's really quite something.

The bottle features yellow-tipped sunflowers from the brush of Van Gogh - a masterpiece in itself.

Fun Fact: The bergamot they use is a natural ingredient that has been cultivated for more than six centuries in Calabria. Their fragrance house, Robertet have a long-term partnership with a local cooperative of growers in the region and provides technical and financial support to the producers.

You can shop each of Floral Street's fragrances direct from their online shop or if you're in London why not visit their store in Covent Garden? 

If you're looking for a new fragrance this is an excellent place to start, especially if you were to try their Discovery Sets (£18.00) first which hold all of their fragrances as samples. 

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