Sunday 26 February 2023

Five Happy Things // February 2023

Five Happy Things is back for February - It's nice to have a little look back though, isn't it? For me, so I can see what we were up to and I suppose sheer nosiness for others, we all do it! 

February was a hectic month for us and it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye, especially with half term thrown in too. It felt as if we just nailed our routine again we were thrown into the half-term break but we've been back a week again now and it's made all the difference. We've seen a few sunny days and had some fun socialising.

Here's how some of our February looked, I've picked out the best bits...

The Day of Love
I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day, I love any excuse to celebrate something and this particular day is no exception. We usually pick up an M&S Dine In and then some little bits for the children to enjoy. This year I bought heart-shaped yumnuts, love bug lollies and a book for them each. I also received some oh-so-gorgeous flowers and my favourite chocolates. 

Pancake Day
Another brilliant day is pancake day! I'm usually a crepe with lemon and sugar kinda gal but the children wanted big fluffy American pancakes so that's what we had this year with LOTS of Nutella!

A night away in the forest
Half-term was full of plans - a theatre visit, days out with grandparents and a night away in the New Forest. We stayed at Balmer Lawn with both the children and while sleep was minimal, we had a lovely time. We made use of the swimming pool, tried some delicious food and spotted horses!

You can read about our time there here - A Night at Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa in the New Forest

Pastel nails for Spring
Is it too soon for pastel nails? I'm usually a neutral kinda gal but I spotted some nail inspo on Instagram and decided to go for it - cute right?

Foodie hotspots
February has been a very good foodie month - we had great food at Balmer's Lawn, I've had brunch at Mettricks, Bottomless Brunch at Porter's Wine & Charcuterie and then I ended the month in Portsmouth trying out Garage Lounge and Hideout Doughnuts which were AMAZING. 

Here's to a great March!

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