Monday 24 October 2022

The Lush Naked Mascara has arrived

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A few months ago, Lush Cosmetics (finally) launched their much coveted naked mascara - a completely new innovation in cosmetics, 100% vegan and available in four shades. 

Beautifully formed, the Naked Mascara uses butters and waxes to create an iconic, solid product, which creates a lovely effect on the lashes and the planet. Retailing at £10.00 - I've been trying the mascaras for a few months now and I'm finally ready to share some thoughts. 

"If there is one makeup product we can’t do without - it's mascara. So it is right at the top of the list to create a more environmentally friendly way to enable us to use something we know and love. If you have used block mascara before, this will be easy. If you haven’t - it's a knack! So get the knack and make a difference!"
Helen Ambrosen - (Lush Co-Founder & Product Inventor)

Part of Lush's 100-year life plan is to leave the world lusher than we found it so the Naked Mascara has been specially formulated to stand up for itself (quite literally on your dressing table) and requires no plastic packaging. It's a carefully formulated blend of butters that have been moulded into a unique solid form so the Naked Mascara doesn't need to be encapsulated in plastic packaging to do its job. 

The future really is naked!

The beauty industry is the top offender of creating plastic waste. Every year, 120 billion pieces of packaging are created - much of which is not even recyclable. When it comes to beauty packaging, 95% of it is thrown out after just one use, and only 14% of plastic makes it to a recycling centre.

Available in four shades, Orca (black), Earth (brown), Reef (coral) and Ocean (blue), the Lush Naked Mascara adds a subtle tint and lift to the lashes. The mascara contains a whole host of beautiful ingredients such as organic cocoa butter to help condition the lashes and illipe and cupuacu butters to soften them. Japan wax gives lashes definition, rice bran and candelilla wax help to evenly distribute the colour and carnauba wax creates a lengthening effect. 

I was a bit clueless about how to use the mascara so I popped into my local Lush store to be shown - all you have to do is wet the brush and place it into the mascara. Rotate the brush inside to pick up colour then apply to lashes - simple right? You then just leave the brush and the solid mascara to dry separately ready for the next time you use it. 

As you can see, I have three wands to choose from - customers are welcome to take a Lush mascara wand home with their Naked Mascara purchase. There are three to choose from based on the effect you want to achieve. These wands are exclusively made for Lush using non-toxic material. The brush is made from non-plastic and 100% renewable materials. The Lush mascara wands can also be returned to Lush shops nationwide to be processed at Lush's in-house recycling centre, the Green Hub.

Personally, I've really enjoyed using the mascara - my lashes work with the formula really well, it doesn't smudge under my eyes and once I've built it up a little then it lasts all day, most importantly my lashes look fabulous. While I have really enjoyed using it, I've found it a bit of a faff but mainly because I have to hide it from small hands that want to play with it. I find for my lifestyle, Lush Lashes is still the go-to mascara for me so I've been switching between the two. There have been some really great reviews shared on the Lush website so they really have been popular - it's always great to see another naked product from Lush Cosmetics. 

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