Wednesday 5 October 2022

Five Happy Things // September '22

And just like that there's another new month and update - I feel as though this year is really flying by and I'm not at all ready. September lasted all of two minutes or at least that is how it felt but I'm so ready for October. It's my favourite month - full of change, cooler temperatures, beautiful colours and of course my darling little boy turns five! 

As much as September flew by it has been a great month so I've somehow managed to pull together five happy things, I had so many to choose from but I whittled it down. Let's have a nose...

The Four-Year-Old Started School
The biggest and arguably the most exciting part of our September was that the four-year-old started school! He's been ready for a while and thankfully he was really looking forward to it all summer so there were no tears on the day, he rushed inside and had the best time. It has been a super easy transition for us all, the school runs each day means we're all guaranteed to get out for a walk and it has been great having a routine again. Ask me again when it rains every day in November though...

Coffee & Cake 
With the four-year-old at school each day it means I've been able to spend more one on one time with the one-year-old and get out for what we do best, coffee and cake. A new spot has just opened in Southampton called Edison's and we've been a couple of times now and really love it. 

The Lion King
I was due to see The Lion King in 2020 and I FINALLY saw it this September - oh boy it was worth the wait. I took my mum with me and we both had such a wonderful evening, it was just incredible. The Lion King traumatised me as a child so I was a little on edge to watch the show but I thankfully did not have an emotional breakdown and you can read more of my thoughts here - The Lion King Musical at Mayflower Theatre.

Celebrating Birthdays
September is always the time of year for lots of birthdays... Christmas drinks have a lot to answer for! We've had bottomless brunches, cocktails galore and plenty of delicious food - it has been a really fun month with some great memories made. 

GHT Lates
I adore visiting God's House Tower, it's such a hub of art, creativity and community in Southampton -  I've been trying to catch one of their late evenings all summer and I finally made it. GHT Lates is an opportunity to explore the tower at night, experience their latest exhibitions and enjoy live music and local food vendors. The next one is at the end of October, you can see more here - God's House Tower.

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