Sunday 11 September 2022

The NEW 5 Essential Oils Intensive Repair Solid Conditioner by L'Occitane

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Just a little over a year ago, L'Occitane released a collection of solid shampoo bars - created with your hair and the planet in mind, the shampoo bars are made with 98% readily biodegradable ingredients, and are entirely plastic-free. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable paper making it a perfect sustainable option when caring for the environment.

They've received awe-inspiring results so far with 94% of women tested finding their scalp felt more comfortable, 90% found their hair felt just as beautiful as it would with liquid shampoo and 97% said they felt that their scalp's natural balance was respected so it's great to see a conditioning bar now available within the solid range. 

The Intensive Repair Solid Conditioner (£12.50) is such a great addition to the solid haircare range. Containing all of the incredible benefits of their Intensive Repair Haircare collection in a new, more environmentally friendly format. 100% silicone and sulphate free and with a 90% biodegradable formula, the conditioner is food for hair and the environment. 

Travel-friendly and good for the planet, the Intensive Repair Solid Conditioner contains effective plant-derived ingredients encapsulated in one sustainable and sensorial conditioner. Its gentle natural silicone and sulphate-free formula combine oat amino acid, to repair, restructure and improve hair fibre condition and a patented anti-breakage complex of five essential oils (angelica, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender and geranium) with jojoba, olive and sunflower oils, to protect and give softness and suppleness to the hair.

Perfect for dry, brittle and damaged hair, it helps to revitalise, strengthen and protect the hair from heat styling and chemical damage. I've really loved trying the solid conditioner, my hair has felt strengthened. softer and more radiant and I adore the soft aromatic scent it leaves with each swish.

Available now via the L'Occitane website, there's never been a better time to try a more sustainable hair-washing solution!

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