Friday 9 September 2022

Typology Hair Oils & Scalp Treatments - What you need to know

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Typology has firmly found its place within my beauty shelves and I just had to share with you this latest release - the oh-so-wonderful hair oils that promise to have you swishing your hair back and forth.

Created by Ning Li, the founder of, Typology is completely clean, genderless and 100% digital. The Paris-based skincare brand was founded with a mission to promote critical thinking in the personal care arena, intending to break the rules and demystify the complex industry. It's completely stripped back to basics in terms of ingredients and packaging allowing them to design and produce concentrated, natural products that are active, effective and sustainable without a bit of faff in sight.

If you're prone to an itchy or irritated scalp then the Calming Scalp Treatment is the ideal product for you. The formula helps to hydrate and soothe the scalp as it acts at the source of inflammation to relieve skin while restoring the scalp's protective hydrolipidic film. It's a light emulsion that penetrates quickly with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish. 

The treatment contains 99% naturally derived ingredients such as bisabolol which works directly at the source of inflammation to significantly relieve irritation; Cotton Extract to soften and repair the scalp while helping the skin to regenerate; Sweet Almond Oil that is rich in anti-inflammatory phytosterols and Vegetal Glycerine which retains water on the skin's surface and prevents dehydration. 

The treatment I've found most beneficial to me is this one especially since suffering with post-partum hair loss after my most recent birth. It works by strengthening the roots to limit hair loss while also stimulating regrowth bringing more volume to hair. It has a super light texture so doesn't weigh hair down and penetrates quickly with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish. 

Manufactuted with 97% naturally-derived ingredients, the treatment contains Pea Peptides that help to stimulate the dermal papilla for the reactivation of hair growth; Ginger Extract which restores vitality to hair; Horsetail Extract which is rich in antioxidant flavonoids to help strengthen the scalp and activate blood circulation, stimulating hair growth and Atlas Cedar Essential Oil to accelerate hair growth while also adding a subtle woody scent to the treatment.

The third treatment available is perfect for making sure your scalp is super clean. It regulates sebum production and purifies the scalp to prevent it from becoming greasy too quickly, providing hydration and comfort. It's light, non-greasy and has a non-sticky finish. The scalp, like the skin on the face, is rich in sebaceous glands and these secrete sebum which helps moisturise the scalp and facilitate hair growth.

The treatment contains ingredients such as Zinc PCA recognised for its purifying and sebum-regulating properties, which rebalance the scalp by bringing lightness and freshness to the hair; Nettle Extract to help regulate sebum production and Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oils known for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, to help cleanse the scalp and prevent the appearance of oily dandruff. 

Repairing Hair Oil (£22.90)
As well as the treatments, Typology have some excellent products to maintain healthy hair such as oils - this particular one is a dry oil with a surprisingly light texture that helps to nourish and protect hair leaving it soft, shiny and smoother. 

This hair treatment is a concentrate of botanical oils recognised for their repairing, fortifying and softening properties. They work in synergy to improve the health of the hair fibres and its general appearance and thanks to containing 100% naturally derived ingredients, hair really does see the benefits. Acai Oil is rich in polyphenols, vitamins and fatty acids which are recognised for its powerful antioxidant and restorative properties; Hibiscus Oil is rich in vitamin E, bringing shine and suppleness to the hair's length while Pracaxi Oil from the Amazon helps to soften and control the hair. 

There's also Castor Oil to stimulate hair growth and Squalane to help maintain hydration in the hair fibres. 

This is my preferred oil - it nourishes and restructures the hair fibres and protects against heat so that hair is left soft, shiny and controlled. Thick or textured hair is particularly affected by undernutrition, as sebum is more difficult to distribute over the lengths. It is therefore essential to provide the hair with the necessary lipids to prevent breakage and tame frizz. 

Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, the hair care is a concentrate of botanical oils recognised for their nourishing, controlling and restructuring properties. Pequi Oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids to help fight frizz; Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E making it incredibly nourishing, Pracaxi oil helps to soften and control hair while Squalane helps maintain hydration in the hair fibres. It is also recognised for its thermo-protective properties, thus protecting the hair when using heating devices.

To shop, just head direct to! What do you think of the hair treatments?

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