Sunday, 21 February 2021

The NEW Dr.PAWPAW Overnight Lip Mask

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I imagine most of you are familiar with Dr.PAWPAW - it's a brand I've been using since 2015 and I always have at least one of the balms on the go, they're one of my favourite multi-use products. Created back in 2013, Dr.PAWPAW was developed by Johnny and Pauline after their daughter was diagnosed with eczema; They wanted a natural alternative to steroid prescription creams and this was their solution.

Now years later, the award-winning brand has numerous products loved by many especially as the multi-use balm can be used on lips, skin and hair from anyone to grannies and babies, to those with dry skin or suffering the effects of chemotherapy. The original balm is my personal favourite followed closely by the rich mocha balm but today I'm going to tell you all about the NEW Overnight Lip Mask which is available now.

The Dr.PAWPAW Overnight Lip Mask (£8.95) is their newest product with a 99% natural and formula that is vegan and cruelty-free. It's pretty similar to their other balms, it's gel-like texture melts into lips leaving a non-greasy intense mask treatment to work its magic. 

It contains natural peptides to plump lips and smooth fine lines while the rest delivers effective and noticeable results from the first application - it has been a saviour the last week while the temperatures have been freezing! 

Although marketed as an overnight lip mask it can be used day or night to reveal fuller, smoother and more defined lips, it's great if you just want to add a bit of shine to lips if you're running to the shops. 

I've been using this at night time as I'd just run out of the lip balm I usually reach for and this has taken its place rather well. I just apply a small amount to lips and allow it to work its magic. 

I love that there's no scent to it, especially for use at night and I awake with fresher and plumper looking lips. 

Dr.PAWPAW has stolen my heart with this one.



  1. I love Dr PawPaw and I love the sound of it, it sounds amazing x

  2. This sounds like an absolute must try! I am always on the lookout for lip masks, thank you for sharing x

  3. I actually have not tried any lip mask before, it's something I seriously need as my lips are cracked and chipped all the time.

  4. It sounds great, I’d want to give it a go x

  5. I just got this so glad to hear you like it! I'll have to give it a go tonight

    Jasmine xx

  6. I love this brand and this sounds like a product I need! x


  7. Have always stuck with regular lip balm and I always have to reapply so many times, even just before sleep. This sounds like a great product.

    XX Angelica

  8. I really love the look of this - I don't know whether its the weather or my skincare, but my lips and the skin around them has been getting so so dry so this feels like the perfect product to help with that!


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