Wednesday 25 November 2020

The LUSH Christmas Collection 2020

(Features press samples - see disclaimer)

Falalalalala... It's that time of the year again and Lush Cosmetics have blessed us all with their Christmas Collection and it's a corker! 

I'm a sucker for a bath bomb as you all know and as I've used up my last Lord of Misrule it was time to switch to all things merry and bright ready for the festive season. I had a deliciously sweet-smelling box of treats arrive from Lush last week and while I had also placed an order myself, I waited until both were in my hands before sharing what's on my Christmas bath checklist over the next few weeks. 

It was Yog Nog that caught my attention the most - it's my favourite Christmas scent from Lush so to see a Body Milk and Shower gel was exciting. The Yog Nog Shower Gel (£14.00) is the most gorgeous shimmering liquid and full of plastic-free glitter - it's thick and lathers up so well creating the softest bubbles. Containing maple syrup water, clove bud oil, fine sea salt and almond oil, it's a complete treat for the senses. 

The Yog Nog scent always reminds me of sweet caramel, eggnog and fudge and the Yog Nog Body Milk (£16.00) is just as fabulous. It has a thick gel-like consistency which absorbs into the skin beautifully, there is a touch of stickiness but it disappears in no time at all. The almond oil and clove oil leaves skin so soft and gorgeously radiant. I'll be smelling of Yog Nog for the rest of the festive season.

I ordered a few of the bath bombs including my favourite Shoot for the Stars (£4.95) which I order every year - I'll be gutted when this one disappears! Shoot for the Stars smells just like Honey I Washed the Kids and gives such an incredibly sweet scent to your bath while the water changes to a deep blue starry night. There's also a gold star bath melt that comes away as the bath bomb dissolves to give skin the ultimate treat. 

Jingle Bells (£4.95) is one I haven't tried before, I assume it's brand new for this year. It's white with a super cute pink bow and the scent of orange and patchouli is what drew me in. It aims to create colourful red and blue swirls in the water and if you shake it, you'll hear a subtle jingle as the bath bomb is filled with tiny crystals! Brazilian Orange Oil and Patchouli Oil really make this bath bomb for me. 

Angels Delight (£3.50) is a teeny tiny bath bomb packed with pink power and plastic-free gold lustre to add a sprinkle of magic. The candy creation contains Orange Oil and Tangerine Oil and turns the water the most explosive shade of pink I've ever seen - I loved it and I'm sure there's plenty of you that will too especially as the scent is so uplifting. 

Butterbear (£2.95) is back and with it comes a new shape and it's even cuter than before! Full of cocoa butter and ylang ylang, Butterbear gives skin a dose of comfort it so desperately needs in the winter months. It always leaves my skin so moisturised and it's one our son adores too so we always pop one in his stocking. 

Keeping in the theme of cute bath bombs Snowman Dreaming (£3.50) is Christmas relaxation in a bath bomb something I'm sure we all need once the shopping has been finished and everything has been wrapped. The lavender-scented snowman leaves a beautiful rainbow trail as it darts through the water and fills the bathroom with a gorgeously relaxing scent. Containing lavender oil and cedarwood oil - it's one that is going to be a sure-fire hit this year. 

Lastly from the bath bombs is I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (£2.95)! We originally bought one of these back in October as our son is obsessed with Hippos so I was really pleased to see another in my press box from the team at Lush. The super cute hippo fizzes around the bath leaving a trail of scented raspberry in its wake - there's also plenty of popping candy which paired together creates purple starry waters. It's really lovely and great for children too. 

Bubble bars are one of my favourite products from Lush because they last so well especially when you break them down and use through a tea strainer so I ordered Candy Cane (£3.95) and Kinky Boots (£5.95) to add some festive cheer. 

Candy Cane is a repeat purchase for me - I really loved this one last year with its sunny orange waters thanks to the fresh scent of Bergamot and Sicilian Lemon. This one is a reusable bubble bar so you just hold under running water to create the most luscious bubbles. It's a really good price too! 

Kinky Boots is the bubble bar that keeps giving with an added oil for a luxurious bath in the shape of Santa's boots! The bubble bar features jasmine, vegan musk and softening cocoa butter that can be crumbled under running water for a beautifully sensual soak. It smells delightful! 

Lastly, I ordered two shower bombs - Rudolph Nose (£2.95) is packed with Cedarwood Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Almond Oil to give it its sweet cherry scent while Sugar Plum (£2.95) is a softening mix of Fresh Plum Juice, Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil and Aniseed Oil. To use, just pop in your shower to allow it to fizz into a cleansing shower foam. They'll make great stocking fillers. 

That is everything I have for Christmas from Lush Cosmetics this year - has anything caught up eye?

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