Wednesday 28 October 2020

The NEW Immortelle Divine Collection by L'Occitane

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At the beginning of September, L'Occitane re-launched one of their award-winning ranges with an all-new formula much to the excitement of skincare fans everywhere. The Immortelle Divine Collection is made using a beautiful golden flower that was discovered twenty years ago - since then, they have been studying its anti-ageing properties and thanks to eco-extraction technologies their research and development teams have found two new extracts. 

The two new extracts are Immortelle Super Extract and Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract, with Immortelle Super Extract, in particular, being likened to be as effective as synthetic retinol but more gentle to skin. The new and powerful botanical compound includes twenty-one active molecules all from a little flower found in the Corsican Maquis. 

The flower bears the name of Immortelle because she doesn't wither against the salty winds from the Mediterranean sea or by being in harsh sunlight nor does she wither once picked. It's quite an amazing little flower. 

The new Divine Collection is enriched with the exclusive Immortelle blends including the new Immortelle Super Extract and with four products available you can switch up your routine without a hitch. L'Occitane have carried out extensive trials to discover and back up those all-important claims so trialling the products the last nine weeks has been super interesting. 

Did you know 80% of our skin dermis is made up of collagen fibres? 

In our 20's, our skin begins to lose those structural fibres which is when the skin starts to sag, lines and wrinkles appear and our skin starts to get thinner!

The Immortelle Divine Cream (£79.00) has the most beautiful texture, almost cushion-like and sinks into the skin. The cream helps to fight against the visible signs of ageing while reviving skin and giving it more luminosity. The gentle and natural alternative to Retinol supports the skin's architecture and helps increase density and boost collagen synthesis, resulting in skin renewal and a thicker epidermis.

Applied morning and night on dry skin, the cream has been positively beautiful to use - claims state skin will look more sculpted and wrinkles smoothed and boy were they right! I started to notice odd lines around my mouth and eyes and they've definitely diminished. 

I wish I'd taken before and after photos! 

The Immortelle Divine Eye Balm (£59.00) is just as luxurious as the cream. The targeted eye cream has a melting texture that feels soft as cashmere and it helps to define your eye area as well as tackling the visible signs of ageing.

Used on a daily basis, the anti-ageing under eye cream helps to regenerate the skin, diminish fine lines, smooth out puffiness and dark circles - really just enhancing the overall area. 

A tiny amount gently patted around the eye contour is all you need - weeks later my eyes look lighter, brighter and smoother. The Immortelle Divine range has big claims across all their products but those big claims are justified because you really do see the results in a short number of weeks. 

I've been so surprised at how quickly I've noticed a difference. 

The final piece to show you is probably my favourite, the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil (£79.99) is such a beautiful, luxurious oil that I never want it to end. I'm a huge fan of facial oils and have one for almost any skin complaint but nothing quite like this one until now. 

The Immortelle Divine Oil is suitable for all skin types and is made using 98% natural ingredients - expertly blended using Immortelle Super Extract, Immortelle Essential Oil and Oily Immortelle Extracts. The multi-usage oil helps to fight against the visible signs of ageing while nourishing the skin, protecting against pollution and everyday dirt plus it completely brightens the complexion. 

It's like a dose of sunshine in the Mediterranean in a bottle! 

It's advised to use morning and night, I usually use one drop within my moisturiser in the morning and then after cleansing and toning in the evening, I smother my face in the oil and let it rest until I apply the rest of my nighttime skincare when I go to bed. 

The Immortelle Divine collection has wowed me, more so than I thought it would. Before trying it out I did take a look at the reviews below each product on the website and there were so many singing its praises so my expectations were high - I'm so glad that they stayed high upon seeing results myself. 

The collection is available to purchase now but it is selling fast which I think says it all, it's a brilliant range! 

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