Monday 5 October 2020

A Guide to Cosy Nights & Hygge

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Autumn to me is the best time of year - the leaves begin to change colour, the evenings get darker and it means our nights can be spent curled up in a blanket with a warm drink watching the latest boxset surrounded by candles and twinkling lights. Sounds blissful right?

Installing a sense of calm in those colder months is really important for my mindset and so creating a little guide on how I do just that couldn't come at a better time especially as we're getting so close to putting the heating back on! 

a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

Autumn is the perfect time to really think about your living space and how you can transform it for optimal Hygge. The idea is that everything is dimmed so think low lighting, plenty of lamps and an abundance of candles. It's reported that 75% of Danes light candles at least once per week to create that all-important cosy atmosphere - you just need to throw in some fluffy blankets and pop the heating on then sit back and relax. 

Home energy consumption obviously increases come the colder months so to make sure you get the most out of your boiler at this time of year - it's important to give it a once over. Since 2016, Local Heroes backed by British Gas has been committed to matching skills and vetted local tradespeople to customers who need jobs completed in their home across the United Kingdom. 

They've also created a handy checklist filled with Boiler Advice ready for winter:
1. Check the pressure - while it's been out of use in the summer months, the pressure on your boiler should be around 1 - 1.5 bar but if it's less then 0.5 bar you'll need to repressurise the system. 

2. Bleed your Radiators - this is super simple to do and you just need a radiator key which can be found in most hardware stores. 

3. Insulate your boiler condensate pipe - this pipe channels excess water from your heating system into your household wastewater. It's a good idea to check it's well insulated before winter as it can be susceptible to freezing!

Once your space is beautifully lit, your pumpkin spice candles are glowing and your home is warm it's time for some of the fun stuff!

Hygge isn't just about dim lights and candles, it's about family, friends and fun as well as celebrating the season. Embrace the moment by spending games nights with friends or cooking up a storm with family which is one of our favourite things to do. I love spending an afternoon picking blackberries with the little one before using them for a pie or muffins to enjoy with a cuppa, it really starts the season for me.

And of course, I couldn't write this without mentioning my favourite hobby of all - reading. There's nothing I love more than fairy lights in the background, a steaming cup of cocoa and a good book to lose hours to. Taking some time out in the evening with a good book does wonders for my mental health and with Hygge being about leaving the phone alone, it helps me fall into a more restful slumber too.

I think my favourite thing about Autumn is definitely transforming our home - I'm a sucker for homeware so I have quite a few pieces I get out ready to make everything cosy fresh pumpkins from our local pick your own included! My downfall is cushions much to Arran's dismay and so when the clock strikes midnight and it's officially Autumn out come my biggest, warmest cushions, the blankets that can house an entire family and my collection of pumpkin mugs. 

I don't know about you but I'm counting down the days to those darker evenings.

What are your favourite things about Autumn and how do you get ready for it at home?

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