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The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Too Faced have been constant in my beauty collection for some time but it was only last year that I finally added Too Faced Sweet Peach to my ever-growing collection. When Sweet Peach was first released it flew off shelves time and time again so it has always been on my radar but shade-wise I wasn't sure it was for me - boy was I wrong.

Sweet Peach was first released in 2016 and was eventually brought back a couple of years later much to everyone's delight. The sturdy tin palette was accompanied by a few other Sweet Peach products such as blushes, lip oils and a cheek palette all of which were adorned in oh so cute peach-toned ombre packaging. 

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette (£39.00) contains a mix of 18 perfect pinks, corals plus subtle neutrals, rich, indulgent bronzes and pops of opulent purple infused with a sweet peach-scent. Never has a makeup palette smelt THIS GOOD. As you open the palette, you'll find a mirror and each of the beautiful shades, with shades names engraved above. 

The entire palette is extremely wearable, I usually find there are one or two shades I wouldn't use but I adore each one in the Sweet Peach palette. You can easily create subtle day looks before adding more glamour with the more sultry shades for a quick day to night look. My go-to shades at the moment are Candied Peach, Just Peachy and Cobbler - Puree & Summer Yum are also faves.

The shades:
White Peach - off-white tone with a satin finish 
Nectar - pale yellow gold with a pearl finish
Peaches n Cream - peachy beige colour with matte finish
Luscious - metallic silver/rose shimmer
Cobbler - a shimmery satin rose bronze
Georgia - light peachy pink
Just Peachy - pink with a golden shimmer tone
Candied Peach - peach shade with pink glitter
Caramelized - dark bronze shimmer
Bless Her Heart - olive green with a golden shimmery finish
Bellini - peachy pink with golden shimmer
Puree - warm medium matte brown with orange undertones
Tempting - very deep black/green with a very subtle golden shimmer
Peach Pit - deep shimmery brown/purple colour
Summer Yum -  deep matte terracotta
Charmed, I’m Sure - cool toned chocolate brown
Delectable - deep purple with matte finish
Talk Derby To Me - dark purple/blue/black with purple sparkle

I'm really impressed with the formula once again, there's some fallout but nowhere near what I was expecting after reading some comments. Each of the shades is incredibly soft and easy to apply, I just blend, blend, blend. The formula is just a really fab, buttery soft texture, one I find very easy to work with. The pigmentation is incredible too and the shimmer shades are some of my favourites, they just make my eyes pop as the colours hit the light. I really don't have a bad word to say about it at all. 

The Sweet Peach palette is loved by so many and I can totally see why, I just don't know why I waited this long to find out for myself. 

Now my biggest decision is which Too Faced product to try next?

You can purchase Too Faced Sweet Peach from Cult Beauty, Debenhams and Too Faced direct - you won't regret it!



  1. I've never owned a Too Faced product, mostly because I feel like the price is quite expensive and I know I'll never use all the colours because I am crap at make up!! My other half bought me my first Urban Decay one for Christmas a few years ago and I hardy used it!!! I feel like I'd never be able to do it justice :( It does sound lovely and the colours are beaut! x

  2. Looks like a lovely palette and I bet it smells beaut! I’d go for the cooler shades here because my skin suits those better x

  3. I loved the sweet peach line, I still want some of the products from it! The shades in this palette are soo lovely and perfect for the sort of eye looks I opt for
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  4. Wonderful. Its always good to learn of products that we can give as gifts as well as use for ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing x

  5. I have heard such good things about this palette and I am soo tempted to get it. The colours look beautiful and the fact it’s scented too ❤️

  6. Ive had one of these before and I really loved it if I'm honest, I remember how good it smelt and the quality was just incredible. Although I do remember it costing alot of money!!

  7. The shades in this palette is right up my alley! So pretty!!

  8. I used to hear YouTubers in particular rave about this palette, but like you I didn't think it would suit me. The colours are honestly gorgeous though - as a big fan of purples Peach Pit and Delectable are calling to me, but I know I'd end up sticking to Cobbler and Bellini (how cute are the shade names btw!?) This is a beautiful colour range though, definitely looks worth the money!

  9. I have the semi sweet chocolate palette and I love it! such cute packaging x

  10. This is one of my most used palettes - i LOVE it!

  11. I absolutely loved this palette a year or so ago - these swatches are gorgeous and have reminded me what a great colour story this is. Need to dig it back out

    Jasmine xx

  12. I love Too Faced shadows! I've never looked at this palette before because I tend to opt for cooler neutrals but looking at your swatches this doesn't seem anywhere near as warm as I assumed it would be. Need to take a proper look at this one in person! x


  13. I think I’m in the minority of people who don’t love Too Faced and I’m not sure why.

  14. They always create the most enticing colours within their palettes x


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