Wednesday 29 July 2020

Eat Out to Help Out & the Restaurants Participating in Southampton

We're just a few days away from the launch of the Government's new scheme, Eat Out to Help Out which will see pubs, restaurants and coffee houses offering 50% discount (maximum £10 per diner) on food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in. 

The scheme is the first of its kind and will run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3-31st of August giving the hospitality sector a boost after having to close due to Covid-19. You'll only be able to receive the discount in businesses that have registered for the scheme, they will then claim back the money from the Government directly meaning you don't have to do anything other than enjoy a delicious meal out. 

Want to know more? Just scroll down where you'll find everything you need to know plus a list of participating restaurants, bars and more in Southampton. 

What do I need to do?
Just turn up - when visiting any participating restaurant the 50% discount will automatically be added to your bill although alcoholic drinks and service charge is excluded so you don't have to worry about a voucher or similar. The discount is up to a maximum of £10 per diner.

Is there a minimum spend?
Nope - which I think is the best bit as it makes it so much more accessible to everyone, you can head to a participating coffee house and order a coffee and a slice of cake and still get 50% off!

Is there a limit to how many times I can use it?
You can use the scheme as much as you like over the days it's running (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday).

Can I still use other discounts?
YES! You can use the scheme at the same time as other offers and discounts so if you hold an NHS card, for example, you would still get your 20% discount at Nandos alongside the Government scheme which makes the meal even cheaper!

If you want to find out more or search your nearest participating restaurants via your own postcode just head to -

Sugar & Spice Coffee Shop - 406 Portsmouth Road, Hampshire, SO19 9AT
The Boat Shop Cafe - 9 The Colonnade Bridge Road, Hampshire, SO19 7QT
Piggys - 26 Victoria Road, Hampshire, SO19 9DX

Ocean Village
Banana Wharf Ocean Village - Admirals Quay, Ocean Village, SO14 3JF
Bacaro - Ironside House, Canutes Pavilion Car Park, Hampshire, SO14 3TN
Jetty Ocean Village - 5 Maritime Walk, Hampshire, SO14 3QU
Southampton Harbour Hotel - 5 Maritime Walk, Hampshire, SO14 3QU
Blue Jasmine - Unit 3-4, Alexandra Wharf, 2 Maritime Walk, Hampshire, SO14 3QS
Romano Caffe Pizzeria - 4 Canute Road, Hampshire, SO14 3FH

Oxford Street
Oxford Brasserie - 33-34, Oxford Street, SO14 3DS
Max's Bar and Brasserie - 40 Oxford Street, SO14 3DP
Porters Wine and Charcuterie - 20-22 Queens Terrace, SO14 3BQ
Dhaba 59 - 59 Oxford Street, SO14 3DL
Carnicero - 29 Oxford Street, SO14 3DJ
Med Bar - 50 OXFORD STREET, SO14 3DP
Max's Bar & Brasserie - 40 Oxford Street, SO14 3DP

Town Quay
The Platform Tavern - Town Quay, Hampshire, SO14 2NY
Kuti's Brasserie - Town Quay, Hampshire, SO14 2AQ
La Regata - Seaway House, Town Quay, Hampshire, SO14 2AR
Dancing Man Brewery - Town Quay, Hampshire, so14 2ar
Ennios - Town Quay Road, SO14 2AR
Harbour House - Town Quay SO14 2AQ
The Duke of Wellington - 36 Bugle Street, SO14 2AH

High Street
Stein Garten - 46-47 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2NS
The Star Hotel - 26-27 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2NA
Dolphin Hotel - 34-35 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2HN
Robin's Nest at 129 - 129 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2BR
Beity Restaurant - 123-124 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2AA
Coriander Lounge - 130-131, High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2BR
Indos Peri Peri - 132 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2BR
Shanghai 1814 - 165-168 High Street, SO14 2NZ
Bayleaf Kitchen - 56 High Street, Hampshire, SO14 2NS

Hanover Buildings
Cafe Thrive - 18 Hanover Buildings, Hampshire, SO14 1JX
Ding Tea - 27 Hanover Buildings, Hampshire, SO14 1JU
Taco Bell - 1-2, Ground Floor, Hanover Buildings, Hampshire, SO14 1JU

West Quay
Red Dog Saloon - Unit 6 Level 3,Watermark West Quay, Harbour Parade, Hampshire, SO15 1DE
L'Osteria - WM 16, Watermark, West Quay, Hampshire, SO15 1DE
Casa Brasil - Unit WM20, Level 2, West Quay South, Hampshire, SO15 1DE
Thaikhun - Unit WM11, Watermark, SO15 1QF
Slim Chickens - Unit R1, Food Terrace Level, West Quay Shopping Centre, Hampshire, SO15 1QF
Chopstix - Unit R10, Westquay Shopping Centre, City Wall House, SO15 1QF

Above Bar
German Doner Kebab - 83 Above Bar Street SO14 7FG
Shanghai Bay - 17a, Above Bar Street SO14 7DX
Sprinkles Gelato - 120-122 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DU
Tang's Chinese Restaurant - 127b-127c Forum Building, Above Bar Street, SO14 7FN
Stakks - Unit 43, Marlands Shopping Centre, Civic Centre Road, 313, SO14 7SJ
Belgium & Blues - 184 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DW
Gusto Lounge - 1 Commercial Road, SO15 1GF
Naked Coffee - 66 Commercial Road SO15 1GD
Flying Aubergine - East Park Pavilion, 1 East Park Terrace SO14 0DA

Bedford Place/London Road
Funky Flamingo - Unit 3, Winchester Street, Hampshire, SO15 2EL
Smugglers - 16-17, Carlton Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DY
Tim's Bistro - 19 Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DB
Lakaz Maman - 22 Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DB
Piecaramba - 30a, Carlton Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DX
Popsi's - 80 Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DF
Retro Cafe - 34 Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DG
Cafe Monde - 66 Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DS
Sakura - 20-21, Bedford Place, Hampshire, SO15 2DB
Mexigo - 40 London Road, Hampshire, SO15 2AG

7 Bone Burger Co - 110 Portswood Road, SO17 2FW
Smokey's Burgers & Shakes - 114-116, Portswood Road, SO17 2FY
Fu House - 160a Portswood Road, SO17 2NJ
Pho Vietnam - 3 The Broadway Portswood Road, SO17 2WE
Noodle 8 - 5 The Broadway Portswood Road, SO17 2WE
Sprinkles Gelato - 164-166, Portswood Road, SO17 2NJ
Kate's Cafe & Lounge - 227 Portswood Road, SO17 2NF
Peri Peri - 237 Portswood Road, SO17 2NG
La Baronia - 29-31, Portswood Road, SO17 2ET

Make & Brew - 7 St. James Road SO15 5FB
Sanjha - 296-298, Shirley Road, SO15 3HL
Overdraft - 383 Shirley Road, SO15 3JD
Roosters Piri Piri - 417 Shirley Road, SO15 3JF
Kachina - 376 Shirley Road,  SO15 3HY

If you want to check what chain restaurants are registered then you can do that via the website where you'll find big names such as Bill's, Franco Manca, Five Guys, Revolution Bars, Wagamamas and many more. 

The big question is where are you going to eat first?

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