Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Tower Toymaker's Workshop at Spinnaker Tower

Finding somewhere to visit Father Christmas with little ones is brand new territory for us, it's the first year Joshua has been really aware of Christmas and who Father Christmas is so we wanted to find somewhere special to visit with him. We wanted an experience, something interactive and something we'd remember and the Tower Toymaker's Workshop at Spinnaker Tower was perfect for that. 

We were invited to the Spinnaker Tower at the end of November so wrapped up from the wind, we made our way to Father Christmas' workshop and put our elf hats on.

From now until Christmas Eve, you can visit Father Christmas at Spinnaker Tower as part of the Tower Toymaker's Workshop. Join the elves in the workshop as they add the finishing touches to their latest batch of cuddly toys before being wrapped and packed in time to be delivered on Christmas Eve. 

Children will be escorted by the friendly elves within the Spinnaker Tower and taken to Father Christmas' very special workshop which is an alpine dream. 

The cabin is adorned with festive garlands, twinkling lights and if you peer through the snow-covered windows you'll get your first look at the magical workshop. It's just as beautifully decorated inside with murals upon the walls, more garlands lining the roof and a Christmas tree. 

The team have done such a good job at making it magical for little ones. 

Our helpful elves explained to the children what their very important job would be before setting them to work. Each child had a cuddly toy to stuff and as we took our seats at our workbenches we set to work. 

Joshua had a reindeer to create and as we stuffed his legs and filled its belly before placing a special heart inside, the subtle sounds of ho, ho, ho could be heard as a very special visitor waited to call each child through. 

As we finished off Joshua's reindeer that has been affectionately called Bunny, a warming bellow came from behind the curtain and Joshua was called in to see Father Christmas. It's set up really well for photos, children can go in one side while parents or guardians can capture the special moment from the other. 

They're photos to treasure so it was something we were really eager to capture. 

Joshua toddled in to see Father Christmas with Arran clutching his little hand and it was such a lovely moment. Joshua didn't cry thankfully, that was our one concern, he just seemed intrigued by the big white beard and fluffy hat. 

We had a truly magical time at Tower Toymaker's Workshop. I love how much the children could get involved and experience life like the elves rather than your standard queue and two seconds with Father Christmas like some places. Everyone was so friendly and helpful - it was just a really enjoyable experience and one we'd book again in a heartbeat. 

The Tower Toymaker's Workshop will be held throughout weekends in December up until Christmas Eve. You'll need to book online so as not to be disappointed as places are limited and prooving extremely popular. 

I cannot recommend it enough, we had such an enjoyable time and Bunny the Reindeer has taken pride of place in Joshua's bed each night as he goes to sleep. It was the magical morning we were looking for and one we won't forget. 

Admission information
Tower Toymaker's Workshop & Tower Admission Tickets Include
  • Toymaker’s Workshop
  • Soft toy to take home
  • Unlimited entry to the Tower on the day of your visit
  • Santa’s Spinnaker Sleigh Trail
£15 per child + Standard admission price for accompanying adults

Tower Toymaker's Workshop Only Tickets Include
  • Toymaker’s Workshop
  • Soft toy to take home

£10 per child + Tower Toymaker's Workshop Guardian (Accompanying Adult) Free
No admission to Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Press tickets for the purpose of review - see disclaimer


  1. This is such a brilliant activity to do with kids! Wish their was one for puppies LOL


  2. This is the cutest thing and such a nice activity to do with the little ones on Christmas! x


  3. This is such a lovely activity to do with children! Getting to stuff a toy sounds really interesting too! xx

  4. Such a cute Christmassy activity for children x

  5. Such beautiful pictures, and Joshua would have had so much fun! Such a good activity for families!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. This is such a wonderful activity for children! I love the fact that Joshua got to stuff his own toy and unlike so many other places, it doesn't feel rushed at all - it makes the entire experience so much more special and memorable! Also, can't get over the name he chose for his toy - so adorable! xx

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  7. Aww I remember doing this when I was little - it's such a lovely memory for your little boy to have :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. this sounds like such a bloody gorgeous day! Christmas is the best time to make memories like this x

  9. I'd love to take my boys somewhere like this - what a lovely trip x

  10. Ohh what a lovely activity to get kids in the Christmas spirit! I love that it's so hands-on and that Joshua got something to take home - what a beautiful memory for him (and you!). I was always terrified of Santa Claus so it's brilliant he didn't cry too, haha. Such a lovely, festive, family day for you all :)
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  11. He looks like a very good santa too! So many great memories for you x

  12. What a magical experience. He’s at such a great age where he can enjoy all of the exciting things that go with Christmas.

  13. What a magical afternoon - I love it when the kids are so excited with it all!
    Em x

  14. Oh my gosh this looks like a magical workshop for kids! Everything has such an authentic Christmas look x


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