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Joshua's Christmas Eve Box 2019

I adore the idea of a Christmas Eve Box and it's something we couldn't wait to do for Joshua. Arran and I have a few little traditions we've started during our relationship and Christmas Eve is always a chance for us to wear new pyjamas, eat lots of cheese and treats and watch a Christmas film so we've taken that and created a child-friendly version for Joshua with a few added extras. 

I know they're not for everyone, I think the beauty of Christmas is that we all have our very own traditions and this is just one of ours so I wanted to share what we've put inside ours this year. 

We bought our Christmas Eve box last year on Etsy but unfortunately can't link as she isn't selling them this year. If you are looking to buy one I would really recommend Etsy, there are so beautiful boxes available or you could head to Hobbycraft and make your own. I just fill ours with some red shred to bulk out the bottom, I've kept the shred we used last year inside the box and packed it away with it so we don't have to replace it year on year. 

I've collected a few different things over the last couple of weeks to place inside and stuck with the theme of something to wear, watch, read and eat. It makes shopping for presents so much easier. We've bought Joshua's Christmas pyjamas from The White Company this year as we found them for £9 in our nearest outlet! They're white and grey stripes with a reindeer on the front and oh so cute! 

We also bought Christmas socks from Marks & Spencer to keep his toes cosy. They have packs of two socks with Father Christmas and Elf Shoes on for £3 at the moment. 

It wouldn't be a Christmas Eve box without something a little sweet so I headed back to Holland & Barrett for a second year to buy dairy-free chocolate lollies. I picked up Reindeer and Father Christmas shaped lollies sticking with my Christmas theme. Holland & Barrett have a great selection of free from Christmas food and at a really good price, these were only 50p each. 

The Christmas movie we've added to the box is The Grinch which includes three mini movies. I was sent this within a press parcel so it was pretty perfect timing.

We're a reading family so there was always going to be a book included. I bought the personalised one in a garden centre and it tells the beautiful story of Father Christmas and his important job on Christmas Eve, I love that Joshua's name is included! 

Goodnight, Santa is one I found in a beautiful old book shop in Winchester. I definitely bought the book because of the cover, just look at it!

The last two items were my favourite last year and my favourite again this year. I am so glad I came across Designed by Blue on Etsy. I ordered a Nice List Certificate (£5.00) which I had personalised with Joshua's name, it's printed on satin aged paper and stamped with a North Pole wax seal. It's something I'll keep forever. I think I'll appreciate them more than Joshua at the moment but I don't think a Christmas Eve box is complete without a letter from Father Christmas.

We also included the Magic Key I ordered last year which I had personalised with our family name so we can continue to use it for years to come and with more children if we have them. The bronze key comes on a dark red cord and on the back of the card it reads: 

"These are the things you need to do, first whisper "I believe in you". Then hang this key outside your door, he will know just what it's for. Now it's time to close your eyes tight, Father Christmas is coming tonight. Christmas day you will wake to find, all the presents he left behind."

And that is everything inside this years box. Creating Joshua's Christmas Eve Box is one of my favourite things to do this time of year and we can't wait to give it to him on Christmas Eve. 

I hope it has given you some ideas on what to put inside yours too. 



  1. This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing


  2. The box itself is so beautiful. I love the idea of a Christmas Eve box. I don't have kids but you could certainly make an adult one! x


  3. There are no children in my immediate family, but it's such a lovely idea - that Nice List Certificate is the cutest thing ever!

  4. Christmas Eve boxes are such a great idea x

  5. Oh how adorable! Especially the pjs and socks :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. He is going to love this! It looks SO cute! Such goodies inside! The Grinch is SUCH a good movie too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. What a lovely idea! Margot is still a little young to appreciate Christmas so nappies it is for her! x

  8. Oh what a lovely box and a lovely post to read too x

  9. Now, this box has got me in the festive mood! X

  10. putting a Christmas Eve box together must be one of the best parts of having a kiddo at Christmas! so cute x

  11. this is such a cute little thing and i bet he was dead excited

  12. I love the idea of a Christmas Eve box...I wonder if I could get one?!
    Em x

  13. This is such a sweet idea and so lovely for children! It's such a sweet box x

  14. I didn't think you could top the Halloween box you made for Joshua, but this is next level adorable! What a cute, cosy way of making beautiful memories for your family. I absolutely love his pjs, and the socks nearly made me cry haha! The books are absolutely stunning and I really love the personalised touches with the key and nice list letter. It's so much fun getting to make your own Christmas traditions as an adult, but I can't imagine how lovely it is to get to do that for your child. Beautiful! xx
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  15. What a fab idea, I love this. Bet he must have loved this so much.

  16. I absolutely adore this idea, what a fun Christmas Eve tradition! This would definitely give the whole family something wonderful to look forward to.


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