Monday 29 April 2019

Celebrations Made Easy with Sainsbury's

*Paid partnership with Sainsburys*

Birthdays and celebrations can be expensive right? I remember looking into specially made and personalised cakes for Arran when he turned thirty but the wait times and money for what I wanted for him was the deposit of a small car so I started to look elsewhere.

Turns out Sainsbury's stock a huge range of fun and quirky cakes so that's who we've always gone to since and we've been so impressed. As a busy mum who runs a business from home, I don't have the time to whip up a chocolate-covered extravaganza in the kitchen anymore so if Sainsbury's can give me a little helping hand, I'm gonna let them. 

So with the spirit of cake in mind, I want to show you three of my absolute favourites that you can pick up with your weekly shop and still have change from a £20 note.

First up we have the oh so delicious Giant Chocolate Cupcake (£11.00) which would make the perfect centrepiece to any party table. The chocolate cake is made up of three layers of rich chocolate sponge with light buttercream between each layer. 

The cake is then finished with buttercream and chocolate decorations such as swirls and flakes. It really is quite special and one I desperately want again for my own birthday later in the year.

The giant cupcake serves fourteen guests and really is the perfect addition to any celebration be it a birthday, hen party or just a little treat with friends. 

The next couple of cakes are two of our all-time favourites and we've fully taste tested them so we know they'll be a sure-fire hit with everyone. 

Rory the Lion and Monty the Monkey would be great for kids and big kids alike because who says you need a grown-up birthday cake as an adult? 

Rory the Lion (£9.00) is a yummy Madeira cake filled with frosting and raspberry jam which is then covered with the most delicious frosting I've ever tasted and finished with edible decorations to give Rory the ultimate roar! It's a complete bargain for the price and with fourteen servings, no one will be missing out on this delightful lion. 

If edible animals are your thing but Madeira cake isn't, then Monty the Monkey (£9.00) is sure to set your taste buds going.  Monty is a very delicious chocolate sponge filled with chocolate frosting as well as being covered with chocolate frosting, decorated with milk chocolate curls and edible decorations to give him that cheeky face. 

If a chocolate hit is what you're after then Monty will give just that for a very reasonable £9.00 for fourteen servings. 

You really can't go wrong.

Both cakes would make perfect editions to a jungle-themed party too!

The three cakes I've shown you are just a snippet of what Sainsbury's have on offer within their bakery section, there is so much choice that you really needn't try elsewhere.

Just don't forget the candles! 

Tell me your favourite cakes and what you'd choose from the above! I have a feeling Monty is going to be very popular. 

You can view the celebration cakes available within the Sainsbury's Bakery section via! The hardest part will be deciding what to get.

(All prices were correct at the time of publishing)

This is a paid partnership with Sainsbury's - see disclaimer.
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