Friday 8 February 2019

The Mavala Legend Collection

Lipsticks are my jam and have been for as long as I can remember. Watching my mum apply her hot pink Christian Dior lipstick when I was a young girl is up there with some of my fondest memories growing up and it's definitely had an influence on the way I view and buy my own makeup and lipsticks now. I'm a matte finish gal through and through but I do occasionally go over to the creamier side of things if the formula is right. 

Mavala is a brand I've used on my nails for years, their top coat is hands down the best one I've ever tried but I only recently discovered a whole world of other products, including the Mavala Legend Collection featuring six gorgeous shades. 

Mavala have an impressive range of lipsticks in numerous shades and formulas. I really wasn't expecting as many as there were having not looked to the brand for lipsticks before. The lipsticks come in a grey plastic bullet with a silver band around the center and each shade name at the bottom. The lipsticks feel quite cheap for £13.00 each but the formula makes up for the relatively unattractive casing which is what you're buying it for after all. 

The rich, lightweight formula glides on to lips creating a beautifully smooth pop of colour with a soft satin finish without flaking or wearing from lips in just an hour, it lasts for hours! Each of the lipsticks are infused with shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E making them a a treat for lips. Dry or sensitive lips stay soft, supple and in perfect condition while wearing your favourite shade.

(Top image Artemis & Eldorado, bottom image Jasmine & Mata Hari)

The Legend Lipstick Collection features six super glossy shades from the darkest of burgundy to a pretty pearlescent pink. Artemis, Mata Hari and Jasmina are beautifully intense while  Eldorado is a sparkling gold creation which layers up perfectly upon the darker shades. Calypso and Anastasia are the lightest shades of the collection, Calypso a soft, satin pink while Anastasia is more pearlescent. 

Artemis - satin cherry red
Eldorado - sparkling warm gold
Jasmina - pearlescent burnt orange 
Mata Hari - deep burgundy
Calypso - satin peach pink
Anastasia - pearlescent soft pink

(Top image Calypso & Anastasia, bottom image swatches in order of images)

Do I love the entire collection? No but then I don't think anyone would love an entire collection, I believe there will always be one or two shades you wouldn't touch. I do however have a soft spot for three of the shades from this collection, namely Artemis, Mata Hari and Calypso which are all on the more satin matte scale. Atermis has been my firm fave seeing me through dinner and cocktails with friends, it's deep cherry red makes for the perfect date night shade. 

Valentine's Day red eat your heart out! 

Formula wise, I love the Mavala lipsticks and already have my eye on a couple more shades for the summer season, I can never say no to an orange red! It's been a nice surprise trying the range especially as for me, Mavala has always been about nails. I'll definitely be looking at what else brands have to offer in the future rather than earmarking them for just one thing.

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