Monday 15 October 2018

The super sleek city stroller from Ickle Bubba

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In the late summer, we made the decision that we needed to find ourselves a stroller for nipping into the city and for days out. We adore our iCandy Strawberry, so much so that I don't really want to put it away just yet but we needed something smaller, lighter and more compact and so we discovered Ickle Bubba. 

We hadn't heard of Ickle Bubba before, they're a relatively new brand that launched in 2013 stocking a whole host of affordable luxury products and after reading more about them and their award-winning travel systems and strollers we finally settled on the ultra-lightweight Globe Stroller. 

The Ickle Bubba Globe Stroller is a traveller's dream. It's incredibly lightweight at just 6.4kg and it folds and unfolds in seconds. It's also suitable from birth to 15kg and has an easy attachment for compatible car seats which is ideal for when your little ones are younger. 

On the website, you can choose from three separate bundles depending on your price point and what you need to be included. The first bundle is the Globe Stroller with rain cover and user guide for £199, the second is the Globe Max Stroller with soft quilted liner & foot muff, cup holder, rain cover and user guide for £219 and then the last bundle is the Globe Prime Stroller with soft quilted liner & foot muff, cup holder, buggy organizer, protective storage bag, rain cover and user guide for £239 which is what we have in the denim blue.

The stroller comes in four colour ways with each having a tan leatherette handle: 

Denim blue on a silver frame 
Grey on a silver frame 
Khaki on a rose gold frame
Black on a rose gold frame

There are a number of reasons we opted for the Globe Stroller, the main one being it's ultra-compact and great for small spaces as it's only 45 x 55 x 25cm when folded and the lightweight aluminium frame comes with an easy-to-carry strap. We also have the storage bag which means that if we ever need to store it away, we won't have to worry about it getting marked or scuffed. 

It folds down in one easy movement and then when you're ready to use it again you just pull it back up from the bar and you're good to go. 

The hood and front bar fold in without obstructing everything too, it's that easy! 

Getting him in and out is a breeze thanks to the gate opening bumper bar, we just put him in and strap him up using the adjustable five-point locking system which comes with cushion pads for more comfort. 

The leg rest is also adjustable, you can lie it flat or keep it down when bubs are sat up nosing about the place as he strolls by the world. I love watching what he's doing from the viewing window at the back.

The seat comes with a three-position recline feature but unfortunately for us, Joshua has worked out how to pull it up by himself which makes tricking him into a nap a bit harder. At least I can pull down the large hood to give him some shade while he resists sleep as the hood comes equipped with UPF 50 to help protect against sun rays. 

I think storage is really important when it comes to any pushchair and being able to get to everything quickly and easily is vital so I found having the storage pouch at the back a real help. We also have the buggy organiser which has compartments to make getting to things even easier like snacks to keep him happy and coffee to keep me happy. 

There is also a storage basket underneath the seat but I don't find it particularly big although I think that's because we've been so spoilt with space with our iCandy and I'm just being fussy. We keep the rain cover and my cup holder in there at the moment and then a blanket if needed. I've since compared it to other strollers on the market and it is considerably bigger than others. 

I think my dream of a huge basket on our stroller is just a dream. 

The Ickle Bubba Globe is a nippy little thing and because it is so incredibly light, it takes next to no effort to move. The first time I used it, I had to keep two hands on the bar at all times as I was used to using something heavier but I soon found my groove. 

The wheels make it a smooth ride and all four have suspension to allow for easy movement. The brake is really easy to use, you just navigate it with your foot which firmly locks the wheels when being used on buses, trains or the tube. My only gripe is that I wish the handlebar was adjustable as Arran really struggles using it as it's too low for him. 

We have definitely found the perfect stroller to make our days easier when going to the zoo, the park or a quick run to the shops, it's going to be ideal for when we book that first flight or stroll around a cruise ship. The Globe makes getting out of the house effortless and the super soft footmuff is going to be a dream in the colder months, I want one myself! 

You can purchase the Globe Stroller from Ickle Bubba direct and the various bundles make it great for matching your ideal price points. You can see how much we love it on my Instagram feed! 

What do you look for in the perfect stroller? 

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