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The iCandy Strawberry Travel System

Choosing a pushchair when you have a baby is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions you'll make. There is so much to think about and it can be incredibly confusing. We didn't realise just how hard it could be. We had to think about storage, ease of movement and we wanted something that would last way past the carrycot stage. When we first found out I was pregnant, people watching turned to pushchair watching and one brand kept coming up for us, iCandy

After going back and forth to different websites, top ten pushchair charts and friends recommendations we knew that iCandy were the brand for us. We love their vision, the collections and how well each design fitted our style. We didn't want anything over the top or colourful, we wanted something perfectly functional for us that would be great for county walks, park strolls and hitting the city centre for shopping. 

After many discussions over colour and collections, we finally chose the iCandy Strawberry Slate Black Pushchair. I loved the black chassis, different from their original chrome and we both felt the slate flavour set was more us. The lightweight aluminium chassis makes pushing effortless as a heavy pushchair would just be no good and the leatherette handle has varied heights meaning no back ache for either of us which was a pleasant surprise as it was one thing that we never thought of. The all round suspension makes manoeuvring your new set of wheels up and down pavements a breeze too!

We keep our pushchair, folded up and freestanding in our hallway for ease. Collapsing is super easy and takes a matter of seconds to put together when we're ready to leave the house. As Joshua is still so small, we just use the carrycot for the moment, I can't wait to use the pushchair seat. The pushchair seat is fully reclining with three adjustable positions and you don't need to remove it when folding flat.

We've used the Strawberry so much since Joshua was born and it's worn really well, especially the wheels. I was a little worried about wear but I needn't have and as they're durable with no puncture cushioned rear tyres, it's something we won't have to worry about either. It would take a lot to damage them!

We left the pushchair to build until the very end but there really wasn't much building involved, the frame was folded neatly, exactly how you would keep it freestanding and it was just a case of unfolding the carrycot. It was so simple and as a couple who argues when they DIY together, we were very thankful for the ease.

The Strawberry comes with everything you need to take you from birth to 25kgs with the whole package including a carrycot, seat liner, car seat adaptors, harness pads, carrycot apron, canopy, bumper bar, rain covers, clamp and cup holder. The easy access basket holds up to 5kgs with plenty of room for shopping and the unit also enables the seat to be parent and world facing. The frame, when using the car seat adaptors is also compatible with a range of car seats, we chose the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix. There's a handy compatibility guide on the iCandy website which shows which car seats work best with what pushchair.

We're so happy with our choice, the quality is incredible and we've found the service from iCandy to be fabulous too. They helped make our biggest decision, one of our easiest with absolutely zero regrets.

The iCandy Strawberry was kindly gifted to us - see disclaimer for more information.


  1. This looks like a lovely all-in-one system!

  2. I don't know loads about buggy/pram equipment apart from seeing what my nephews and nieces have been in but I like the idea that this is suitable from birth to 25kg. I also never really thought about adjustable height of handles before either! xx


  3. I really want this travel system for my baby due in June it's just wonderful!!

  4. We love our iCandy Strawberry 2. So sleek and easy to manoeuvre. It’s a very similar design to the Strawberry and we have been so happy with it. It’s been retired for the time being as E is now in a more compact pushchair but now that we have it it will be coming back into rotation for if / when we have any more babies.

    Jackie O xo

  5. A pushchair is such a huge investment! Glad to hear you are loving yours. Little man looks so cute in it xx

  6. Totally agree the pushchair is the most important piece of equipment I use ours at least twice a day that’s just for the School runs. With our first baby I didn’t think it through enough and we ended up making a bad decision and in the end had to buy a new one. So this time I knew exactly what to take into consideration xx

  7. This is a lovely travel system, we were torn between this and the Silver Cross one (that we have now purely because I prefer the way it looks) x

  8. So handy that it has varied heights. I’ve seen so many people walking round with slouched backs and it can’t be comfortable. This pushchair is super cute and stylish to! Xx

  9. I really love the look of this pram! I really wish we'd look around more and not worried about price when we bought ours. I miss not having a solid piece for the carry cot and Madison's already out grown that bit! xx

  10. My best friend has a purple one and it is SO good, I love this pram, lovely to push and the basket size is fab too! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. I don’t know a thing about baby goods but I do know most of my friends have this!
    Em x

  12. These buggies are so cute and sound like they are super practical xxx

  13. Glad to hear you're loving it! It sounds very practical. x

  14. I like how you've chosen a gender neutral colour with this. As much as my newborn niece seems to love pink - I like to think of items like these as an investment for a family and wonder what my brother will do if they have a boy next. Those wheels look like they've had a battering already but glad to hear that they're good quality regardless.

    Mel ✨

  15. This looks like a great travel system.
    It sounds like it fits into your life perfectly.

  16. Is it weird to say I really love the shade of blue of this pram? x


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