Monday 22 October 2018

L'Occitane Overnight Reset Serum

Anti-aging products are something I've really taken notice of this year, I'm fast approaching my thirties and it's important to me that I make sure my skin is getting everything it needs. I've always had a strong love for serums and so when I started to use the L'Occitane Overnight Reset Serum (£49.00) I was really excited to see results from the best selling product. 

The serum promises to change your skin overnight, big claims from a little bottle BUT with so many rave reviews, there had to be some truth and by the looks of my oh so fabulous skin right now, I'd say it's a pretty darn good. 

Designed for all skin types, The Overnight Reset Serum is the serum to top all serums, it works wonders for the skin leaving it rested, fresh looking and with a youthful and radiant glow to rival any fresh skinned 18 year old. 

The serum is infused with Marjoram which is known to restart the gene expression function which can become dormant with the natural effects of aging as well as Acmella Oleacera which is natures alternative to Botox as it helps relax muscle tension and smooth skin. Finally is L'Occitane's iconic Immortelle Oil Extract, something I've heard so much about but hadn't tried until now. The ingredient is a powerful antioxidant which helps stimulate the skin micro circulation, increasing collagen for firmer looking skin. 

It's one hell of a product. 

According to polls carried out on 31 women by L'Occitane, the following results are incredibly impressive:

After 1 night:
Skin looks refreshed: 97%
Skin looks rested: 97%
Skin looks awakens: 91%
Skin is moisturised: 88%
Skin looks luminous: 81%

After 7 nights:
Skin looks rested: 100%
Complexion has a healthy glow: 97%
Fine lines and expression wrinkles are less visible: 90%

After 28 nights:
Skin looks transformed & re-energised: 100%
Skin looks replenished with moisture & plumped: 100%
Skin is younger-looking: 90%

The Overnight Reset Serum has slotted into my night time routine very easily and I saw results immediately which blew me away. Just dispense a pump into the palm of your hand and massage into skin. The serum feels light and as you work the product in, the little gold bubbles you can see through the glass release that all important oil extract. Skin feels hydrated and has a super soft finish with no stickiness or residue.

Waking up, I actually looked pretty rested despite my night of disrupted sleep. Had I finally found the cure to make me look less sleep deprived Mum and more I've got my shit together Mum? 

Yes I have. 

My skin looks rested, firmer and lines look less noticeable that even Arran has commented which I think says it all. A man noticing the difference in my skin! It's a miracle. 

I've been using the serum for around five weeks now and the difference is quite astounding and the results are worth every penny of the £49.00 it costs and that's without taking into consideration the oh so pretty bottle and beautiful scent. 

I absolutely love this product and I'd buy it again without question. 

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