Wednesday 6 December 2017

Christmas Decoration Haul

Oh what a wonderful time of year! I am obsessed with Christmas and I think Arran has finally reached the point of not caring and just lets me crack on with it. Every year I find a way to squirrel more decorations into our home and this year has been no exception, especially as I've had the extra excuse of buying stockings and more for Joshua.

I'm a huge Pinterest fan so a lot of what I buy is inspired by the various pins I've found. I'm also a traditionalist at heart so my theme is always a mix of rich golds and reds. The day I have to put decorations on the tree that kids have made will be a difficult one, I joke. I always head to Amara for Christmas decorations and this year I picked up another red berry wreath and a stocking for Joshua. The Mixed Berry wreath is a larger size and is adorned with deep red berries and fir cones, I love the varied sized berries and I can't wait to hang it on our door.

The stocking I chose for Joshua is from Bloomingville and comes in red, white and mint tones. I bought some hanging pictures for Joshua's nursery from Bloomingville so I couldn't resist the Twinkle Christmas stocking. It's perfect for his first Christmas treats we've bought him. We were also sent two Christmas decorations that were handmade by Amy, one with his name in Mickey Mouse ears and the other saying Joshua's First Christmas. I absolutely love them and it was such a thoughtful thing for Amy to do for us.

Lastly, Christmas candles! I go mad every year buying candles but as I still have my Autumn ones left over I've been on best behaviour so it's just a few from Heyland & Whittle I have for the moment. The Myrrh Candle in a Tin is quite possibly my new favourite scent. It's Christmas in a tin for me and it burns beautifully too, I just need to order Frankincense! I also have Winter Spice which is a blend of  orange with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. I've been so impressed with my first Heyland & Whittle candles that I've already made a list of what to try in the new year once I'm finished with my winter scents. 

My Christmas decoration buying hasn't been too bad this year, we just have mine and Arran's special decoration to buy this year and I'm done... until 2018 anyway! Where do you go for all your decorations?

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