Friday 1 December 2017

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Southampton

In August, Southampton saw Miller and Carter open one of their much loved steakhouses and they invited Arran and I to try it out for ourselves. We took advantage of my parents offering to babysit and booked in to enjoy our first night out as parents where we enjoyed prosecco and the most delicious meal. We already can't wait to go back, just look at the menu - Miller & Carter!

After ordering our drinks and toasting our newborn, we got to the important part, the menu. Jade, our server for the evening was fantastic from the minute she handed us our menus. From checking if it was a special occasion to making me feel so comfortable and relaxed about leaving our little one for the first time, she really made our evening so much easier and memorable. We'd already decided we would go all out with three courses, it was just a case of choosing what to have as there was so much we wanted to try after recommendations from my parents who had visited the weekend before.

We started with the Bread Board Platter (£5.95) which was served with marinated olives, a blend of olive oil & balsamic vinegar, pesto and smoked beef dripping butter followed by starters of Cluck & Duck Wings (£6.50), sticky chilli-hoisin glazed chicken & duck wings served with buttermilk ranch dressing and dressed slaw and Salt & Pepper Calamari (£6.75) served with a chipotle chilli mayonnaise. The portion sizes were perfect for starters, it's just enough to get you ready for your main and we both thoroughly enjoyed ours. I always order the calamari wherever I go and this was definitely one of the best, lots of flavour, not the slightest bit greasy and it went perfectly with the accompanying sauce.

Arran and I both ordered steaks from the Off the Bone section with Arran opting for the 12oz Ribeye (£23.95) while I tried the 8oz Bistro Rump (£17.50). I can't even explain how good it was not to eat a steak that was really well done now I'm not pregnant! Each of the steaks are served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of onion loaf and balsamic glazed beef tomato along with that famed lettuce wedge in your choice of dressing and a steak sauce if you fancy it. We also ordered a side of Garlic Button Mushrooms (£2.95) to go with our main. Both of the steaks were cooked to order and the flavour that came through was exquisite, we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals with appreciative ahhs all the way through. There was not one complaint that could be made. 

Jade checked on us throughout the evening making sure we were happy and our drinks were topped up. Having been to the restaurant that was there before Miller & Carter, it was interesting to see how well they've utilised the space, the interior was gorgeous and the way it was set out hid the fact it was so big which was great when wanting an intimate meal. 

After letting our steak bellies settle we got stuck into dessert! There was lots I wanted to try from the Chocolate Hazelnut Bomb to the Cheese board but I eventually settled on the Chocolate Brownie because I knew Arran wouldn't let me have a piece of his, he doesn't share brownies! The Rich Chocolate Brownie (£5.95) is served warm with vanilla bean ice cream, rich Belgian chocolate sauce and a dark chocolate & pistachio shard. I cannot begin to explain how chocolatey rich this was but omg, it was worth every bite and the food baby that promptly appeared afterwards. 

After finishing up our desserts well I did, the brownie defeated Arran, we drank our coffees and just sat back. It's been a long time since we've been in a restaurant that hasn't rushed you through your meal and out the door as it's near to close of service or they've over booked. We had such a lovely evening, it was just so enjoyable. We honestly cannot wait to visit again. 

If you head over to my Instagram, alicespake tomorrow 2nd December 2017, you can enter to win a £50 voucher for Miller & Carter so you can try it out for yourself. Don't miss out!

Complimentary meal for the purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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