Monday 18 December 2017

A Homesense Christmas Haul

Homesense is basically Disneyland for homeware lovers. It's an Aladdin's cave of trinkets, one off pieces and things you never even knew you needed. I am obsessed, you only have to search Homesense on my blog to see just how much, so it was inevitable that once again, I filled up a basket full of Christmas decorations to bring home with me. 

First up were candles although there was a serious lack of DW Home candles so I only bought Frosted Spruce which is currently burning as I write this. It's Christmas in a cup or more appropriately, a candle holder. Talking of spruce, I found this mini Christmas tree adorned with hessian and red berried for less than a tenner and thought it would be a lovely addition to my current scandi theme I have going on. 

As I've decided to hang my gorgeous red berry wreath outside this year, I've bought a heart shaped hanging decoration made of white wooden stars, blocks and fir cones. I have such a love for white washed wooden decorations and most of our decorations are made of wood. 

Lastly, are two ornament pieces. The white ornamental Santa is possibly my favourite new piece, I assume it's a Santa anyway. He currently has pride of place on my mirrored table next to our Christmas tree alongside my adorable metal reindeer. 

So there you have it, my festive pieces for Christmas 2017! Homesense are added new Christmas stock every day so make sure you head to your nearest store to find some one off pieces yourself.

All products bought with gift card provided by Homesense - see disclaimer.
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