Tuesday 7 February 2017

The Runway Edition by Look Fantastic

This is only my second Look Fantastic Beauty Box but I can already see that they'll be stacking up soon enough even if two of this months products weren't my fave. I reviewed January's Beauty Revolutions Box a couple of weeks ago and this months box focuses on Runway Beauty just in time for fashion week to commence. The February box comes in a sleek purple shade with gold writing, with a copy of Elle magazine, the beauty box magazine and a collection of products to try out. You're gonna want to subscribe...

Inside February's Runway Ready box are six products including a moisturiser, a mud mask and metallic eyeshadow. All the products together make for the perfect pre-fashion week pamper and although I won't use everything, I think this is the most perfectly represented and themed box I've ever received, It's almost like Look Fantastic can do no wrong. 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA
The Ordinary seems to be everywhere at the moment and as soon as I unboxed this on Snapchat I had questions about it. The moisturiser keeps skin looking its best thanks to being infused with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and glycerin. It helps replenish the water to your skin leaving it looking and feeling fabulous.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less
I swear by This Works for so many things and the Deep Sleep, Stress Less came at the perfect time. The product is infused with Lavender and Eucalyptus helping fight tension and insomnia. Used throughout the day, it will calm breathing, reduce stress and help towards a better nights sleep.

Borghese Fango Mud Mask
My first question when seeing these was "Why is there a coffee pod in my beauty box?". Turns out it's actually a handy little mask for the face and body. The range of different treatments help boost complexion, reveal brighter skin and give a gorgeous glow. I had the brightening mask in my box and it is safe to say, I am glowing.

Polaar Icy Magic Roll On
This handy little roll on instantly revitalises eyes leaving them refreshes and awake. The exact product you'll need during fashion week. The roller ball helps reduce puffiness while also helping with dark circles. It sinks in quick, leaves no residue and you're good to go in seconds, it's a miracle worker for eyes.

Model Co Eyelites Metallic Shadow
I'm not really a fan of Model Co, I find their products on the cheap side and can always guarantee you'll get two or three of the products in a Glamour magazine throughout the year so I wasn't overly impressed seeing it. I did give it a go though and as much as it delivers a beautifully, metallic colour as promised is does not last, at all. I'm just not a Model Co fan unfortunately.

My Vitamins Catwalk Queen
I'm really not a fan of the way companies are cashing in on vitamins and the benefits. It's been becoming more in the last few years and I just don't buy it. I'd much rather buy the same thing with the same benefits in Boots for £3.99 rather than paying £12.99 because it says Catwalk Queen on the bottle. Nope, not today My Vitamins, not today.

Sooo..... Ignoring the last two products, I've found uses for everything. My eyes are less puffy, my skin is glowing and hydrated and I'm more chilled. I think that makes this box worth it, don't you? 

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