Wednesday 8 February 2017

Showing You Exactly What You Mean

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with heart shaped chocolates in every window, it's hard not to notice. The day means something different to so many, for those of us in relationships, it is a day where we can fully take advantage of being in love while for singletons, the day has become a way to appreciate your favourite gal or guy pals with Palentine's Day.

This year at Boots UK, they're celebrating being as thoughtful as possible and with the personal gift service you can do just that. I've used the service this Valentine's Day for my sister, Emily. The last year has been pretty rough for a lot of people and I thought if any one deserved a special treat on the most love filled day in the calendar, it was her, especially as she has also been my constant support the last year too.  

I can't even begin to explain the last year for the pair of us, we've both had a lot of different things to deal with. I wrote a short post on my own struggles called It's Time for a Chat, my sister was there for me throughout this time with coffee dates, shopping trips, movie evenings and so much more. Emily also writes about her daily struggles with Epilepsy and life which if it's a disability you're not overly aware of, please go and have a read. At the end of the day and all these struggles, we're still sisters so I wanted to treat her this year, I may even re-name the day Sister Day.

Emily has two fragrances she wears the most but instead of going for one of those, I chose a perfume for her that would be completely different, one that would create new memories with every spritz of the scent. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris is a spell binding mix of patchouli, pear, white flowers and fruit making it incredibly memorable and seductive. Perfect for my feisty little sister.

The name also enticed me as Emily and I have spoken about going to Paris this year for the weekend, Mon Paris is a beautiful fragrance to represent that trip and allow us to have that extra bond. What I love most about the fragrance, is the bottle. A beautifully curved edged bottle with a black bow tied with the YSL logo and to make it even more special, I had Emily-May engraved on the bottle. The engraving service is available through Boots UK and the service is quick and easy, something so simple can instantly make a gift so much more.

Valentine's Day isn't just for loved ones, it can be for making sure all your nearest and dearest know just how much they mean. Love them, take them for dinner and just care for them. I couldn't think of a better way to show how much my sister means to me than with a Sister Day and a beautiful engraved bottle of perfume, ready to make new memories. 

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