Tuesday 14 February 2017

Five Things that have Made me Smile this Valentine's

Valentine's Day, traditionally Saint Valentine's Day has been celebrated for centuries, known as the day of love we usually spend the day gifting cards, heart-shaped chocolates and roses. I've had a relatively lovely day considering most of it has been spent at work and I'm yet to see my one true love, so I thought I'd share five things that have made me smile today.

1. Arran and I never do gifts on Valentine's, we give each other cards and stuff our faces but this year he surprised me with a beautiful bunch of mixed colour roses, each colour having a different meaning and he bought my favourite truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. He always knows how to put a smile on my face. 

2. My place of work turned into Paris for the day! With a beautiful Parisian scene vinyl from Pixers and some yummy sweet treats, it was the perfect place to head for your morning coffee. I started the day with a latte and heart-shaped shortbread which was very yummy. There was also a sweet pizza available with toffee, chocolate and strawberries. 

3. If you missed my post on Boots UK's engraving service, you'll know I had a beautiful bottle of perfume engraved for my sister. I checked in with her today and other than her mission to become a cat lady, she's okay and we're having another sister date tomorrow at Carluccio's. She makes me laugh with her dry wit and sarcastic comments.

4. We left it until today to get our M&S Dine for Two as I genuinely thought they'd still have stock. I made a quick dash in after work and they'd been completely wiped out so I spent half hour walking around trying to magic up a three course menu in my head while chuckling to myself because it was so typical of us. Food is sorted now though and it's going to be delicious. We'll be sitting on the floor with an Ikea table to eat our candlelit, three course dinner too!

5. There has been so much LOVE on Twitter today! It's been so nice to see, more often than not the Valentine's haters come out in full force and shit of everyone's parade but I haven't noticed it as much today or maybe I just don't have the negative brigade on my feed. Keep sharing the love, keeping telling them how much they mean and most importantly, eat all the heart shaped chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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